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Army Wives

I'm not really bying Sarah Elizabeth ad Joan and Roland's kid. I don't know... usually I can get into the story enough to feel the family dynamic and believe it to an extent. Even with babies. But Sarah Elizabeth just seems like a prop.

And, I am still not over the whole "new Emmaline" thing. I liked the first Emmaline better and am too stubborn to accept the new one.

I hope Roxy and Trevor have a kid. Maybe when he gets another promotion though and they get a bigger house.


Re: Army Wives

  • I haven't seen last night's episode yet.  I didn't know they got a new Emmaline. 
  • image BUMPYNBIRD:
    I haven't seen last night's episode yet.  I didn't know they got a new Emmaline. 

    I think they replaced the first one in season 2

    What do you think will happen with Pamela and Chase? I wish she was still on the radio.

  • Yah not a fan of Chase this season so far.  I am interested to see where that goes.  I like the direction that there are taking the Sherwood's.  I thought the hubby was a tool bag the first seasons but I like him a lot more now. 
  • Oh, I guess I forgot that they had replaced her. 

    I am not sure what will happen with them.  But I really think they have him being a real jerk the past few episodes that he has been in.  I also wish she was still on the radio.

  • Chase...yeah. I'm not sure how that one's gonna end up, because he's being a real jerk right now.

    I love Roxy and Trevor...they are too cute. I'm glad they're balancing back out.

    It's kinda hard for me to see Sarah Elizabeth as a part of that family, too...it seems like they just threw in another twist, but it doesn't seem natural just yet.

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  • I started watching the show this season and then went back and watched the previous ones on DVD, so I like the new Emmaline, because I knew her first. (isn't it funny how that works?)

     i hope Roxy and Trevor have a baby too. Trevor makes me melt as a dad, and to seem him with a new baby would be great!


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