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Oh, how I loathe Best Buy customer service!!!

I called on 9/13 to report that my light bulb in my tv blew out AGAIN (the second time in a month time span), the earliest anyone could come out was today 9/25! I agreed... got a phone call from a 3rd party vendor yesterday saying that they had to come out from 8-12 because 12-4 was inconvenient for them! I re-arrange my schedule again to accommodate to them and call back to confirm with 3rd party vendor--no one returns my call (this was at 2). At 5 I called back again to confirm and talked with a technician who informed me they just received the best buy work order that morning!?!?!? wtf?!??! I called almost 2 weeks ago--and the best part is that they didn't even have my bulb in stock! That's when I called Best Buy customer service on a rampage... and that's also when I demanded that a geek squad technician come to my house tomorrow 9/25 (today). I was told I would get a confirmation call anytime between 7-9 am this morning. Around 9:15 I noticed that they did not call yet--I called Best Buy... 45 minutes later, and they can not come out to my house today--at first they were saying the earliest they could come out was next Saturday... .Mind you at that point we would be 3 weeks without our tv! I told them it was unacceptable, and at this point "Katie Ka Boom" came out! They finally agreed to get me an appointment for Tuesday, September 29th with the 3rd party vendor. So let's pray that the third party vendor gets it fixed on Tuesday! In the mean time I sat on hold fr a good 10 minutes waiting to speak with Consumer Relations to complain about everything that has happened thus far, and with that being said I am receiving a $50 Best Buy gift card, and a member of there management team should be calling me. I informed them that if I do not have satisfactory service on Tuesday that they will be hearing from me again.


ugh... thank you for letting me vent!  

Re: Oh, how I loathe Best Buy customer service!!!

  • Wow!  What a hassle! Unfortunately, customer service at most retail establishments seems to totally suck lately.  These companies just don't seem to care if they make their customers happy.  Just look at the return policy at places like Target.  It's ridiculous.
  • I'm sorry to hear you went to Best Buy. ;) This is the way they have been many times, in my case.

    Me and Best Buy are enemies!

    In the end, only kindness matters... -Jewel- Married 5.8.05 Mom to Tahlia Summer - born 6.21.2010
  • Seems like electronics stores are the worst. I won't even go into my whole rant about Circuit City, since they're no longer in business. (Actually, I will tell you, in a nutshell, the problem was that they did NOT have a customer service line. Instead they routed the calls to their credit card application takers, who would write down your complaint, then send it nowhere. They actually admitted no one would read the complaint and nothing would be done. They were there to listen empathetically and be absolutely useless!)

    I'm glad that you at least were able to get some concern from the manager you talked to. Three weeks without a TV is total craziness though; I'd be mad too.

    Let us know how it turns out! GL!

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