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I'm getting anxious. Advice please!!!

I got off BC about 3 months ago, and I have not had a period yet. I took a pregnany test, and it was negative. Before getting on BC I was very irregular, and would go several months without having a period, but once I got on BC I got very regular. I know I could take a hormone, but would love to avoid that if possible. I've left a message with my OBGYN, but haven't heard back from him yet. Any advicev for the time being would be gtreatly appreciated. Any natural hormone you recommend? Thanks!

Re: I'm getting anxious. Advice please!!!

  • Always consult yoru physician. Nobody here is a clinician. HTH.
  • You'll find that some girls who come off BC take months to get "back to normal" and that it may take months to have AF also.  But always a good idea to just double check with your DR.  They may say wait X number of months and then call us.
  • The first time I ever got off of BCP it took me six months to have a period.  At the time, my doctor said it could take up to about that time.  However, I'd check with your doc; see what his/her opinion is.

  • Its perfectly normal to go back to being irregular once you go off of BC. 
  • just like the pp, definitely see your doctor. ?I had the same situation. ?I only had two periods in two years. ?My doctors didn't seem concerned because I am young. It's frustrating, but your body needs time to recover. ?I have now started to get my period every 2-3 months after three years of being off bc.

    Good luck!?

  • Ditto with everyone.  It took 46 days before I got mine after getting off BCP.  Someone on BOTB board didn't get hers for 9 months.
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  • The only reason your periods were regular when you were on birth control was that the birth control was scheduling them to come regularly.  Why would you think this regularity would continue if your body had NEVER produced regular periods on its own?
  • I was on BC for four years and it took me 2 years to be regular again!
  • The reason you were regular on BCP was because they were adding hormones to your body telling it what to do. Now your body does not have those hormones, and it can take 3-6 months to get your body used to not having those added hormones and into a rhythm of working on its on. It is pretty common.

    But since you had irregular cycles before BCP, you most likely will go back to that pattern of irregular cycles.

    But still speak to your Ob/gyn. Natural hormones will not help if there is a real issue and I would never suggest using those over what your OB/gyn can prescribe to jump start your period (progesterone) I would also ask her to run tests checking for PCOS - which is the most common reason why people have long irregular cycles.

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  • If someone who is not your doctor does recommend a "natural hormone" to you, I would hope that you wouldn't just take their advice.  BC is a medicine just like any other, and effects caused by that medicine (or the withdrawal of it) should be dealt with by your physician.


  • First of all ,If your OBGYN does not return your calls, you need a new one ...

    Second of all, many women experience irregular periods, but you still need professional to check you out.

    I went off in Dec, thus far I am on my 4th cycle, day 103 .. My doc checked my hormones, my thyroid, ordered ultrasound to check for cysts and finally referred me to endocrinologist...  I guess different docs have different opinion on the subject, but it's best to make sure there are no problems while your body is regulating itself.

    Get on the phone !

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