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Weekend Plans?

I can't believe another weekend is here!  I'm so ready for it, though.
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Re: Weekend Plans?


    Not sure what our plans are for today.  Possibly more packing.

    Saturday we are going to Lincoln for another Husker game!!  

    Sunday is more packing.  We really need to be basically done before Wednesday as DH and I will both be out of town next Wed-Sat and then he is out of town Sun-Fri and then we close that Monday!

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    TTC #1 since 08/11 IUI#2 = BFP!
  • High school football game tonight

    Working around the house tomorrow.

    More working around the house on Sunday, watching football Sunday too.

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  • Doing some cleaning tonight becuase we have neglected the apartment this week.  And laying low.  Saturday I have an 18 mile training run.  I'm guessing after that I will eat then sleep and repeat at 1 hour intervals throughout the day!  Sunday will be mass and getting ready for another week...yeah.

  • Nothing going on tonight, just dinner at home and maybe a little cleaning.
    Saturday we're going to a birthday party for DH's cousin's daughter, she turned 6 last weekend.  I'm sure football will be involved in there too. 
    This weekend is suppose to be rainy, so we'll probably just hang out around the house and enjoy the rain the rest of the time.
  • In laws are coming in town again... this will make trip number 3 in 2 months.

    Tomorrow we are doing a BBQ thing down town then to a pub to watch football Sunday - going to the Panther Game!

  • We're skipping the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game this weekend, too much going on!  DH has been at the hunting club since yesterday morning and won't get back until tonight.  My parents are coming in town this weekend.  I'll have lunch with my mom and her best friend on Saturday while Daddy is pheasant hunting, then Sunday morning DH & I are having breakfast with my parents to tell them the big news!  Can't wait!
  • A friend of ours will be in town tonight, so we're hanging out with her.

    Saturday, we'll be sleeping in, shopping and making buckeye necklaces (we're going to sell them at the OSU game next weekend!) and of course, watching the OSU/USC game at 8:00.

    Sunday should just be a lazy day - football (first week to start the two pools I'm in!) and probably cooking up some chili!

  • Cleaning and decluttering the house for a garage sale next month, going to try my hand at canning and make jalapeno jelly since the jalapeno plant decided to go crazy and make TONS of peppers, LSU football and maybe a bit of landscaping since things are starting to die down from the Fall starting. :)
  • Tonight:  Meeting up with some guys and wives from Sean's station for a 9/11 rememberance party at the biergarten.

    Tomorrow:  Baby shower in the middle of the afternoon about an hour away, so not much besides that.

    Sunday:  H has to work and my sister's bf is going to the game, so my sister and niece are coming over to watch the game with me.

  • DH and I are about to leave the house to go do some errands and have dinner.

    Tomorrow, we're doing a few things around the house and going to the LSU game with a friend.

    I'm not sure what we're doing Sunday, but hopefully nothing since I have a ton of work to do for school.

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • Tonight I am lounging in my sweats and watching tv.  Nice and relacing.

    Tomorrow my family is coming over to have dinner for my belated birthday. 

    Sunday hubby's mother is coming over for bit and then I am going to a coworkers house for a Wildtree party.

    It's going to be rainy around here so it will be mostly indoors, which kinda stinks.

  • Tonight we made a pot pie from scratch!  It took FOREVER but I'm really excited to eat :)

    Tomorrow we're sleeping in and lounging around together.  DH has class until 9 most nights now so we need some down time together.

    Sunday I'm sure we'll be watching football.  Maybe I'll make DH's favorite beef and cheese dip...


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  • H and I finally have a weekend together!

    We were expecting friends to come into town but they bailed last night. Now, we have the weekend all to ourselves! No work; just football, hanging out and fun! Woohoo!

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