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Tipping in different countries

What is the etiquette for tipping in your country, and do you follow it?

In Sweden, the service charge is included in the price of the meal. From what I understand, no one ever used to tip, but recently, some people have started rounding up. I guess I don't feel like you should have to do that if the service is included, unless the service is exceptional, which I've never experienced, haha! But I don't want to seem cheap, so I've been thinking a lot about this recently.


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Re: Tipping in different countries

  • Same here, and people get reallly embarrassed if you try to give them anything extra, so we don't.
  • they round up here but I still tip because quint is a messy little kid and I feel like serving us is a little above and beyond :)

    from what I understand it is different for every service here--I tip my hair stylist but only like 5Euros where at home, it was 20%.  taxi drivers don't take tips. 

  • We're in the US now and I generally tip 20% for good service and 10-15% for poor service. Sometimes I find that I tip more than this in certain situations - like when I get my nails done since I feel like the women in those salons probably get pretty crappy tips usually (could be wrong but I feel better tipping higher in that situation).

    In the UK we followed the norm there most of the time. We did leave small tips in some restaurants and we did give maybe a ? to delivery people or at least the change if it was under a couple of ?. Same with taxis, though we tipped less in black cabs since they charge so much more to begin with. 

  • When I asked DH about tipping, years ago, he said, "nah, we just pay our workers real wages instead."  I've never seen anyone tip for anything or even round up, and I can count on one finger the number of times I've thought anyone deserved a tip anyway!
  • imagelorryfach:
    When I asked DH about tipping, years ago, he said, "nah, we just pay our workers real wages instead."  I've never seen anyone tip for anything or even round up, and I can count on one finger the number of times I've thought anyone deserved a tip anyway!
    Same for us. Since no one here works for tips and everything is included in the price we never tip.
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  • Ditto re real wages. We leave a tip for really good service/food in restaurants but it's a case of rounding it up more than %. I also round up to the next euro in taxis if it's an uneven amount.
  • imagelorryfach:
    "nah, we just pay our workers real wages instead."  

    Yep.  DBF likes to round up and it ticks me off.  They make good money, and we pay alot to eat out, so I'd rather not tack on another unnecessary expense.

    I realize this might mean I'm going to hell.

  • we tip everywhere. My husband is a big tipper which annoys me somewhat here since tipping here is like 10% standard. He always give black cab drivers ?2-3 and restaurants normally 15-20%.  

  • We are still trying to figure this out here in Doha. Many fancier restaurants/hotel restaurants will charge a service fee that is included, and usually then we will not tip.

    However, if there is no service charge, sometimes we tip about 10%. It is just so hard to know/! We think the servers get paid more than servers in the U.S, but we are not sure if tipping is customary. So it just depends! 


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  • We tip less at restaurants here (10% is normal, 15% for really excellent service only), do not tip cab drivers at all (I actually got into fights with drivers when I first moved here because they didn't want to accept the tips!), and we tip barmen normally.

    I do, however, always make a fool of myself when we go to the UK and I try to tip barmen. Embarrassed

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  • In the Czech Republic they round up to the nearest round denomination.

    In Switzerland I've been told different things.  I have been told that the reason it's so expensive to eat out is because they build the service charge in (plus the knife and fork charge, corking charge, etc).  But I have also been told that it doesn't hurt to tip like 5-10%. 

  • There's no tipping in China. Nada.

    I once tried to tip the McDonald's delivery boy cause it was freezing outside (and he was on his bike) and he looked about 14; he was really offended that I tried to give him extra money.

    I think the reasoning here is that it's an insult to throw your money away.

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