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Halloween Drink Recipe's

Hi Ladies!  I need some help here...  I'm having a halloween party, and the theme is going to be the 7 Deadly Sins.  I want to have an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink for each sin, but they need to be the right colors (and fun!)...  (I know, alittle complicated...)  I've listed the sins below & their colors.  Any suggestions would be sooooo appreciated!!! :)  I've also included some drink's I've thought of so far.

Wrath (Red)

Envy (Green) - Appletini

Lust (Pink)

Sloth (Blue)

Pride (Purple)

Gluttony (Orange) Amaretto Stone Sour

Greed (Gold) Some type of shot with Goldschlagger; Champagne

Re: Halloween Drink Recipe's

  • Wrath (Red)---RED WINE

    Envy (Green) - Appletini

    Lust (Pink)--COSMO

    Sloth (Blue)--I think Hypnotic is blue, not sure what you can make with it

    Pride (Purple)--this is a toughy

    Gluttony (Orange) Amaretto Stone Sour

    Greed (Gold) Some type of shot with Goldschlagger; Champagne

    and then there were 3...
  • for pink you could also use X vodka.  it's pretty good!
    and then there were 3...
  • Wrath (Red)- You could some kind of pomegranate drink

    Envy (Green) - Appletini

    Lust (Pink)- Flirtini (I think they are pink)

    Sloth (Blue)- I created a drink for my wedding using Sourz blue, sprite, and peach schnapps. It sounds weird but it was sooo yummy.

    I don't know about the others. I'm pretty sure there are websites where you can look up drinks by colors though.
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  • I threw this party in law school for the drinking society I was social chair of...so fun!!! We had about 200 people in attendance and the drinking stations around the house (one for each sin) worked perfectly to keep the party flowing. The addition of the colors makes this a bit difficult though except for the one like envy where green makes perfect sense. But what does gluttony have to do with the color orange or sloth with blue? Just wondering.

    wrath -- Firestarter, "A Short Trip To Hell" (yummy) -- basically anything with a cinnamon test like goldschlager and perhaps some jagermeister.

    Envy -- anything green works here. I can't remember what we did but i think it was either an appletini or a scooby snack...

    Lust - Sex on the Beach or any variation of "sex"

    Sloth -- we did something with sloe gin (play on the word "slow") ...i think it was called a "Couch Potatoe" or something since it's potato vodka but I can't find the recipre...and it was the least yummy and least drank drink of the night.

    Pride -- we actually did red, white and blue shots with an american theme. what's the one where you layer the curacao, grenadine and something else and they stay separated rather than mixing?

    Gluttony -- this was actually our food table. We had a specific dessert table separate from the rest of the food and called it "Gluttony". It had all types of brownies, cookies, cakes, etc on it.

    Greed - Goldschlager shots.

    have fun!!

  • These are awesome suggestions ladies!!!!  Thank you!!!!

    The colors actually came from a few websites that I saw.  I have no idea how they were determined, but I thought the little extra touch would be kinda cool :)  The blue for sloth I see as being lazy/complacent, but the orange for gluttoney... I have no idea how that one came about :)  Love all the suggestions!!!!

  • Red -- My new fav --- a pomagranate martini


    Three olives pomegranate vodka, Pomagranate/blueberry juice, shaken not stirred -- Pour into a martini glass and float fresh blueberries in it.  It is sooo good!!

  • I think the names of the drink mean more than a color. (just my opinion)

    I love Pomtinis . . . seriously I could drink those for forever!

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