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mommies - ? re breast pumps

So a co worker just let me know that she is willing to give me her Medela single breast pump that comes with the adapter (or bateries) for free. I'm thinking I should be jumping on this.

Just looking for some feedback. I know I'll have to replace some parts right? But is the single good enough? My "plan" is to bf as much as possible, but to pump so H can feed when I'm sleeping and he's home from work.


Re: mommies - ? re breast pumps

  • I never could have gotten by with a single.  Partially depends on your milk production.  My milk wasn't coming in like it should have, so for the first week after she was born, I had to pump for 15 minutes per side after 6 of her 8 feedings.  So, with a single, that is 30 minutes of pumping.  Plus an hour to feed her.  Then you have to put away the pump stuff, change a diaper...and guess what, time for her to eat again.

     Later on it isn't as important to have a double, but for the first few months, a double was critical for me.

  • I have the medela single pump. It has worked well for me, as I alternate breasts per feeding so I only needed to pump one breast when I needed to.

    You don't need to replace any parts with the single. They're all "sterilizable" (if that's a word) with the microwave sterilization bags (i have an extra bag if you want one - my mom bought me a pack of 5).

  • I had the Medela Swing which worked fine for me..but then I got lazy and didn't feel like pumping as it was such a chore on top of feeding all the time. I do like having it though to have the option of pumping some milk to feed William if I'm out etc. Although he never took to a bottle, so I think if you keep feeding a bottle every so often they'll get used to it. that was my mistake was that I didn't keep up with bottle feeding and then he just never wanted it afterwards.

     And yes I agree with Nat that you can just sterilize everything with the bags,,which are awesome!

  • I have the Medela Swing as well and it's working really well for me so far.  everything can be sterilized and I like that it fits onto any standard sized bottle.  I like that it can be used with batteries as well - easy to pump in the car that way.

    If someone had offered me one for free I would have jumped at it.

  • My friend gave me one for free too!  Like Nat I feed on one side each feeding so I only need to pump the other side (and I only do that twice a day because I already overproduce milk) so the single works perfectly for me.
  • Like I said, it totally depends on your supply - if you have tons, the single will be enough, because you can feed on one side and pump on the other.  After the first month or 6 weeks, that is what I did.  I occasionally would still pump both sides when DD got a bottle or whatever.  In the early days though, the double was critical.

     I would take the free one - and after the baby is born, you can always go out and buy a double if you need one.  That way, you have a free pump if that is all you need.

  • I couldn't do with a single...I'm using the double to stimulate milk production and at this stage, I'm supposed to do it as many as 4-6 times a day. A single one would be way too annoying... As it's free though, I don't see why you shouldn't take it. If you need a double later on, you can rent or buy one.
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