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garage sale - ambeede, you too!

How should we do the pricing? When I've done a sale with my mom, gma, and aunt we each picked a color for our tags and that helped keep track of how much each person sold. Anyone have any other ideas?

And Amanda, if you want to make a flyer with photos of the furniture and your number we can hang it up at the sale - I've done that with a stove before that I didn't want to haul around.

Re: garage sale - ambeede, you too!

  • I have some stuff priced already from a previous garage sale...we always put our initials on the tag so we could tell stuff apart.  That's what I'm planning on doing.  Whatever the rest of you want to do is fine!  Just as long as we know how you identified your stuff.

    Also, do we want to put an ad in the paper?  We could divide the cost amongst all of the participants.  I'll gladly do it if you tell me the types of things you are bringing so I can include that information in the ad.

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  • The initials is a good idea.

    I don't know about an ad. Do you think if we just put an ad on Craigslist and some signs up it'll be enough?

  • When Mrs.Reem hosted last year, we all labeled our stuff with initials and prices.  Then she divided a large sheet of paper by initials and as things were sold, she put the sticker under the appropriate initial.  Then at the end she could add it up by seller.  It worked well for us.  What date are you guys thinking?  I might be in if I have enough time to get my stuff together.  I would have a ton of clothes.

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  • September 19 is the date!
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  • I think a CL ad and signs are enough.  That's what I usually check first anyways.
  • I might be interested in bringing some stuff to the garage sale as well if you dont mind.  We already planned on having a huge garage sale here on sept 10-12 b/c we're having our first open house that weekend and we want to try and get rid of as much junk as possible.  We have some big ticket items (snowblower, lawn mower, furntiure, etc) so its just better that we did our own here instead of hauling the stuff but i might have some residual stuff.  I'll let you know when the time gets closer.

    Also if anyone is interested in stopping by, i'll post the CL ad I'm going to put out.

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