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Took Hadley to OT today..long

Today was our first Occupational Therapy appt. We are going for her sensory processing issues. I've been doing a lot of reading on it and after all, this is a big reason why I quit my job. I want to help her, to help us. So her doctor gave us the referral about a month ago and our first appt was today.

It's basically just an assessment to start. Today we looked at fine motor skills which I know she is more than on track with, well I assumed and they agreed. She will also be assesed on gross motor skills. I think this area is fine as well but she does seem to have a little more balance issues than some other kids her age. Doubt it's anything major though.

So the sensory processing is the challenge. Eating, sleeping, transitions, noises, temperature, clothing...issues with these can lead to instant, spontaneous meltdowns. The therapist agreed, based on things that I shared, that she will benefit from therapy. So now we just need Kaiser to approve it which the OT said she would help make happen and we'll get started.

For a long time, I don't think I wanted to believe this was sensory but more just her personality/temperament and maybe she would grow out of it. However, some days can be a real struggle around here as some of you may have seen in my blog. The more I read about Sensory Processing Disorder, the more I saw what it can span- the diagnosis that is- and it just makes sense for her. The tough thing is that we still deal with so many people who tell us, "she is just 2" or "my kid did that for awhile" and dismiss it as totally normal. I guess a lot of people/doctors/insurance companies don't acknowledge it as a condition. Well, come live at my house for a few days!! It can really challenge a happy home.

I'll be blogging more about our visit. Hopefully before the day is up.

Yet another leap in my constant quest to get support for H and us as her parents. Let's hope we make a little more headway with this one!

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Re: Took Hadley to OT today..long

  • (((hugs)))

    One of my BFFs deals with sensory issues in her DS, and I've seen how it can be discounted by other people.  I'm just happy to hear that you are on top of it and that you're getting H some help. 

  • Glad you are getting the help you and H need!!!  Keep us posted on the progress!!

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  • It's great that you are using all the resources available to you to help Hadley better understand and manage those challenges. 

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  • S's school actually has done a lot with this and many teachers are 100% on board with helping kiddos with this.  One of her best friends goes to the Star Center (I think that is the name of it) to help her.  Hugs.  It really is fascinating.
  • It's great that you were finally able to make some headway.   I know a girl who's daughter was recently diagnosed with that as well, and she started a blog.   I think it's private, but I'll ask her if I can share it with you.
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  • I can certainly sympathize with you.  K is a very strong-willed child/spirited child so I'm sure our days are pretty similar to yours!  I'm definitely interested in reading your blog and learning from your experiences!
  • I'm really really glad she's getting the help she needs. It's never easy to come to realization that your child may need extra help in anything. I hope this does help her and the whole family as well. *hugs* I think you're an incredible and strong momma. I'll be stalking your blog for updates. :)
  • Glad you're getting some help for her.  Have you ever read Amy Storch's blog?  Her son Noah has been facing some sensory issues too.

    I really like her blog.  It is one of the few that I read regularly.

  • Glad you are finding some help & guidance.  I have a 2.5yr old not much younger than Hadley--let me know if you ever want to GTG or have any questions on how she's doing.  Good luck!
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  • I think this is my first CO post. I am a pediatric OT and help kiddos with SPD all of the time. It is a serious disorder with a ton of research and materials behind it. You are lucky to live in Colorado. Lucy Miller, who is at the STAR center in Denver is one of the leading researchers in SPD and has been instrumental in getting society to understand the disorder. 

    I'm so glad you are getting help. SPD can be so difficult to really get to the source of, but once your OT is able to find the 'Sensory Diet' that is perfect for you daugher it can literally change her life. 

    Good luck to you both. It really will get easier.  


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  • I am so glad you are getting some help! I hope that this will help H!
  • Kaiser fully supports this diagnosis
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  • d.fd.f member
    Hugs!  I'm happy you are getting the help and support you need.

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  • You are doing a wonderful thing. I can really relate to how you feel. When I started showing concern that E was behind on talking, everyon told me that he was just fine. I didn't feel like he was though and I pursued help. He is seen by a speech therapist once a week. It's through Developmental Pathways and it's run through the school district and county. You might want to look into it. They did a full assessment on him as well before he qualified for services. It's free too. Even now that it's obvious that he is behind, I am told that he will just start speaking in sentences any day now. It's frustrating when people don't take it seriously. I hope you are able to find the help you need and that H will benefit from it.
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  • I'm an OT too (so is Mic) and while I don't work in Peds, I know what great work pediatric OTs do with sensory disorders. Hopefully it will be just what H needs & you will soon see some progress.
  • i'm so glad you've been proactive about this and have advocated for H.  i hope the OT services help her and make things more manageable for you.
  • image Sunflower22:
    I'm an OT too (so is Mic) and while I don't work in Peds, I know what great work pediatric OTs do with sensory disorders. Hopefully it will be just what H needs & you will soon see some progress.

    as Katie said im an OT too, i used to work with Kids diagnosed with  SPD for 3 years before moving to Colorado. It has been proven the earlier the intervention ,better the prognosis. Hadley will have a great time with her OT, it is amazing how creative Pediatric OT's are:-)

    Good Luck!

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  • lots of juju for you!  I'm so glad you've gotten help.
  • I'm so glad that you finally feeling like you are getting the answers and the help that you and H need.  I hope the therapy is a huge success.
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