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there is no such thing...


Re: there is no such thing...

  • image ARMYmarriedNAVY:
    image Leah_Lou:

    image ARMYmarriedNAVY:
    Educate me... what is an "EB"???

    English Bulldog.

    Awe... smoogy boogy! I love those wrinkly mutts!

    lol T turns into a pile of goo when he sees one. It's hysterical. 

  • image MellsBells:
    image ARMYmarriedNAVY:

    Bite me.. I bought a pure-bred papered yellow lab.

    BUT... in the future I will buy a shelter doggie woggie!


    APRIL09100.jpg picture by jinger1979 Big dumb yellow dog purchased from my best friends daddy.

    I don't think any of us are without pet-ownership mistakes! My family always had outside dogs growing up, and until the last year or so, I didn't think anything of it. Lurking and participating on the pets board has been the best thing ever for us and our furkids!

    I guess I don't feel bad about Sampson because I'd known the breeder for 13+ years and in that time he only had 3 litters of pups (including sampson's). He only sold them for cost (shots, food... etc). It worked out beautifully because about 6 months after his last group of pups were born we lost him. Mr. R sold his daughter, myself and our bestfriend from H.S. a puppy. He made sure we each had the food and a kennel that we needed. He passed away shortly after... now we each have a part of his heart running around everyday.

    He loved each and every dog and kept in touch with the owners. He was a hunting master and trained dogs and owners. Sampson is an amazing dog - - I would never take back my choice.  Especially with small children.

    Once the kids are older -- I will be more comfortable with a shelter dog. I applaud all of you for being rescue furparents. One day (10 years from now) I will join the ranks. My sisters and mom are all shelter dog owners... I promise promise it is in my future.

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