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Need IN Vibes: I think my Dad's family is being evacuated.

My Dad and little sister live in LA - and there's a wildfire that's out of control where they live. Half of their town is already in mandatory evacuations - but according to the map, their house isn't mandatory yet. 

I can't get a hold of anyone there - so I'm worried that they've already packed up and left in anticipation. The fire tripled in size from yesterday.

I really hope they're going to be okay. 

Re: Need IN Vibes: I think my Dad's family is being evacuated.

  • I hope that they have left in anticipation. I also hope the fire gets under control soon, i'd hate for anything to happen to their home or them..... i'm thinking of you
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  • *vibes for your family's safety*
  • I am so sorry, how scary for your family, my thoughts and vibes are definately with them.
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  • there is nothing worse than no information.  :::SAFETY VIBES::: For your family.  Keep us updated.
  • (((vibes)))
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  • I hope everyone is okay!
  • The pictures on the LA Times site look so bad. I managed to catch my sister through facebook, they're doing okay, and are packing up to go stay with some friends in Pasadena. 

  • Good vibes for them and everyone else in that area.

    We were in CA during really bad fires not too long ago. We had our car packed with essentials and stayed home waiting for the reverse 911 call that said to evacuate. The cell towers were overwhelmed so family who couldn't reach us on our cells would call the house line. Every time the house phone rang we tensed up wondering if it was our reverse 911 call. We finally sent out an e-mail to every relative and friend saying we were fine but to please not call the house, explaining that we could not miss that evacuation call. Was a crazy, crazy week.

    I'm sorry you can't reach them. But please know that they could have left the house already to be safe, that cell service is very likely disrupted, and depending on what hotel they went to they may not have internet access. Is there one relative that they would have contacted in an emergency? Can you reach that person?

  • I can't even imagine how worried you are right now.  Sending safety vies to your dad and the family, and to all those families being evacuated.  Strength vibes to you for this time of concern.



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  • My Mom live in Sierra Madre (the other side of the mountains from the fire) and has sent me some pictures which are crazy.

    I guess where the fires are haven't burned for 50 years so its out of control.

    I hope you can get ahold of them!

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  • I'm glad you got in touch with your sister and I hope they stay safe!
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  • I'm sorry to hear that Ruby, that must be so stressful. Big vibes for your family's safety, and more vibes for their home and belongings! I hope you hear from them soon. 

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  • Oh no! Sorry to hear that.  I am sending loads of (((((VIBES))))) that they've been able to reach a safe location and that they're ok.
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  • I'm glad you got a hold of her and that they'll be safe in Pasadena, but I'll still cross fingers and toes that the fire is brought under control soon.
  • I hope they are ok
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  • glad to hear you heard from her & they are ok!!


  • How scary!  I hope your family and their homes and their pets are all okay!
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