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S/O Women's Health Services

If you used Women's Health Services, who delivered your baby?

I'm just curious as I get closer to the big day!

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Re: S/O Women's Health Services

  • I "lucked out" and got Dr. Patten on the day my water broke. I'm SO glad he's not delivering babies anymore. I'd take ANY of the others over him. I even avoided him for routine OB appts just because he and I were like oil and water. This time around I don't have to worry about him. I think it was a great decision on the practice's part to have him only do surgeries.

    ETA: In all fairness, it's really the nurses at Mercy (for me) that do most of the labor and delivery work with you. Basically the OB just catches the baby, delivers the placenta, and stitches you up.  ;)  I had the most wonderful nurse that day. Her name was Katie and I'll never forget how awesome she was.

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  • Dr. Kemp-Glock delivered Natalie.

    I totally agree about the nurses.  Dr. Kemp was hardly there at all.  I had more than one nurse, but they were all wonderful!

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  • Nurses rock.. what can we say :)  (totally just messing around!)

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  • Good to know-I've seen all the doctors and I really like them all. I'm just curious as to which one it will actually be when the day comes!
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  • I had Dr. Kemp also.  She hung in there with me through 14 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing.  Many other doctors I think would have given up on me and done a c-section.  As a bonus what ever the doctors and the nurses did to me I had no tearing.  Yeah for that!!
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  • I had Dr. Kemp-Glock as well.  Dr. Patten was on call when I arrived at the hospital, but she was on once I was ready to push the next day.  Agreed - the nurses do most of the work.  I never saw Dr. Patten, they just spoke with him on the phone.  Dr. Kemp arrived around 10:30ish and Maya was born at 11:17. 

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  • Heck yeah we do! lol Wink

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