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Had our first trip to A&E last night

At about 8pm last night James went into my SIL's bedroom and found an open bottle of Yankee Candle Vanilla Room Frangrance Reed Diffuser and we think he drank some (his breathe smelt of it) and when I found him he was pouring it out in the floor. I was in my bedroom changing into PJ's, DH was in the kitchen cooking supper, James was suppose to be going from DH to me to put his PJ's on him. Anyway, we call NHS direct who take all the details from us and then advise us to go to Bournemouth's A&E,  so we go there and they see him within 5 minutes of arriving, do all the triage phone the Poison Control people who advise that they need to observe him for being 'drunk' or vomiting, etc. so they need to admit him. We  then after a while get transfered by ambulance to Poole Hospital to the High Dependancy Unit in the Paediatric ward. They do the observe him and then at 2am this morning that let him go home as he was fine, and they paid for our taxi home as they never wanted me to go alone at night across the road to draw money. I only have awesome things to say about the NHS today, NHS Line were helpful, Bournemouth Hospital were lovely, saw us quickly, the Ambulance service were very reassuring and Poole Hospital were just WOW! The paeditrician, the nurse everyone so helpful and nice. We used their sensory room while James was being observed because he was not tired and it was state of the art.

Today we are shattered, James is still sleeping and I have just woken up. Luckily work are being understanding. I think that I might bolt my SIL's room door shut. She know he likes to go in there, and we do tell him not to, but he 1 years old still. Who leaves anything that might be poisonous in the reach of a one year and leaves it open, as she had lost the lid! We are always asking her to close her door as she all sorts of lotions and potions in there, and then she still bitched and moaned about the wait at Bournemouth of maybe 1.5 hours until we knew that the ambulance needed to take us across to Poole, that is bladdy quick for an A&E unit when someone is not dying, so I basically pushed her and DH out of the door to go home.

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Re: Had our first trip to A&E last night

  • Wow, what a night!  I'm so glad everything ended up ok. 

    I think that I might bolt my SIL's room door shut.

    You have my permission. 

  • How scary, I'm glad to hear he's alright!
  • Oh no- what a night!  So glad he is fine though.... but the stress!!!
  • Yes, make her bolt her door!! I'm glad he's ok, but that sounds so scary! :(
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  • You must have been so stressed! And re NHS, I'm the first one to criticize due to very bad experiences with DH but this shows they take things seriously when little ones are involved! 

    ETA : another vote for the door getting bolted!

  • I'm glad everthing is ok!
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  • so glad he poured most of it out and didn't drink it all. I understand it's her room, but that's because I am an adult and not a 1 year old.

    I vote you get one of those self closing hinges at the diy store so her door always stays shut!!!

  • Bruce did the same thing once with a reed diffuser but we couldn't smell any on his breath just on his clothing and the floor (where he'd been splashing in it while daddy was "resting his eyes" - ugh!). We called poison control as well but they just advised us to observe him. I was extremely nervous all night. I can imagine how you felt having to take him to the hospital and have him observed all night - very scary!

    I'm so glad you had a agood experience with the NHS, though. I think when they do happen like that it makes you feel better about the whole system, you know?

    I agree with xnickerx - get one of those hinges that will just fall closed on its own so she can't leave it open. Or get her a doorknob that requires a key... 

  • I take it SIL lives with you?  I guess from my perspective, she's a moocher in your house, and she needs to respect the requests you all make, whether she agrees with them or not.  Either put the self-closing thing on her door, or give her some bins to put her stuff in that he can't get into. 

    Personally, I can't imagine how she can complain about everything considering that it's her fault he was there in the first place.  I would feel miserable would never complain of anything to find out how my nephew was.  That's pretty messed up in my mind.  Does she even think about the stuff that could happen were she to have killed him with her negligence? 

    She needs to follow the rules of the house, or she needs to get out.

  • oh my goodness, how scary! I'm so glad everything's ok, and that you were well taken-care of!

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  • Oh man, what a night!  I am so happy to hear that James is OK though.  And, a big bravo to the NHS for you.  I am so glad things went so well and smoothly!
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  • Oh wow!  SIL needs to step up her game.  I cannot believe she acted like the situation was an inconvience for her when it was her damn fault!

    Strangely enough, my friend's child drank windex yesterday and had to be rushed off to the children's hospital.  She's OK too but the whole situation was probably scary for all of you!

    Glad he's OK.

  • yea definitely get the hinged door!!! those work wonders

    SO glad to hear he's ok - well done on the NHS for treating you guys so well:)

  • oh my! Glad J is okay! Definitely get a lock on that door, scary..
  • I would have slapped SIL silly if she'd moaned about being inconvenienced because she'd poisoned my baby.
  • And I am SO glad he's okay. Poor James and poor mummy.
  • Two thumbs down to your SIL. Really? Complaining while your little one is in the emergency room? Yuck. Bolt away. 

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  • That is incredibly scary!  I am so glad to hear that he is OK.
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