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Another passport question

I need to renew mine and change my name.  But, I read in the post below that you need to bring your old one.

I have no idea where mine is.  I know it's somewhere in my house, just not where it should be.  

What happens in this case.  Is it a huge PITA?

Re: Another passport question

  • I think that if you can't present the old one, then you have to file the old one as missing. It's something along those lines...
  • Like pp just file that you can't find it. They will put something on that account so it can't be used.  You may just have to write a statement when you apply for your new one.
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  • I'm not to sure about you needing it. I helped my grandmother renew hers about 2 weeks ago and from what I understoof there are two types.

    1) Renewal of pasport (if you have the old one)
    2) Apply for a new pasport (no 'old' one needed)

    Yes it's a few more steps but you can do it without your old one...I'm pretty sure. It's just not a "renewal", KWIM?

  • If you are changing your name, you are applying for a new passport, not renewing.

    However when I changed my name (new passport) - I did need to bring my old passport. They cut off the corner.

    I am pretty sure there is just an extra signature you need to verify you lost your passport or something... That is the type of question that is probably in the FAQ on the passport website.

  • Ditto the pp's who said that you have to file it as missing. It isn't a huge deal and won't impede the process of you getting a new one.
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