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Update on DD's hearing loss

OK so I forgot to add this to my other post so here goes.

Back in June we took DD to a hearing specialist who told us that she has mild to moderate hearing loss...  We then went to the ENT who said she would need tubes but allowed us to try a 2 month no dairy diet to see if that was the problem.  We went back for her follow up visit on Wednesday and there have been no changes in her hearing so the ENT said it's time to go ahead with the tube surgery and possibly take out her adenoid tonsils as well.

 She is scheduled for surgery in 2 1/2 weeks.

This isn't something I'm looking forward to...  They have to put her under general anesthesia for the surgery which makes me a bit nervous.  Her hearing loss should improve a lot after the surgery though.

Re: Update on DD's hearing loss

  • I'm sure that's very stressful.  My cousin had to have tubes in her ears when she was younger but things improved later.  Hope the surgery helps your DD!

  • Hope all goes well with your DD's surgery. FWIW, my brother had that same surgery when he was little, and all he remembers about the whole experience was that he was allowed to eat ice cream afterwards (ice cream was a rare treat in our household). Hopefully everything will go smoothly for your DD!
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  • Yeah when DD heard the Dr. say that she would have to eat popsicles and ice cream if they removed the adenoids, she was really excited.
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