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Re: Thankful Thursday...

  • I'm thankful for a healthy happy (well, mostly happy) daughter, especially after reading about Annaleigh's funeral today.  

    I'm thankful to C for rearranging his schedule to watch Sarah while I go out with friends.  

    I'm thankful that this headache appears to be gone, for today anyway.


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  • I am thankful that my boys are thriving and hitting their milestones and that we are healthy.

    I'm thankful that I have an awesome hubby.?

    ...on a smaller scale..

    I am so glad that today is my Friday and there hasn't been very much going on in the office.

    I'm so thankful that I remembered to bring in a can of Diet Dr. Pepper - I totally needed that pick me up about an hour ago!

  • That the biggest health issue C ever had is a cold.

    I am thankful that P has two jobs.

    I am super duper over the moon thankful that he doesn't work tonight or tomorrow! Weeeeeeee!!!!!

    On a smaller scale, I am thankful that I'm a coupon hoard. I made a killing at VS today. WOO HOO!


  • I'm thankful that I'm almost off work for the day. :)

    I'm thankful that my hubby is home from work and I'll get to see him soon!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • I'm thankful that i have been able to keep these girls cooking for as long as i have...and that i have a wonderful husband that has been helping out a lot!
  • I am thankful I am in my second trimester with two healthy babies.

    I am thankful for my husband, family and friends who have been nothing but supportive and thrilled for us.

    I am thankful that Mexican food sounds good right now and I have the energy and ingredients in the kitchen to make it for dinner.  :)

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • I'm thankful that I'm exhausted and my legs hurt cause that means I was having a ball playing with my wonderful kids. I'm thankful that even with taking care of kids by himself my husband did some laundry and dishes this morning before he left for work. 

    ANd I'm thankful that I had just enough cheese to make nachos 

  • I'm thankful that I have some pretty awesome friends, even ones that go to Ikea with me (yeahm my first time).

    I'm thankful that even though Dave isn't working, we aren't doing bad.

    I'm thankful that the prospect of Dave working is getting brighter.

    I'm thankful that this board seems to be flourishing with babies, either cooking or born.

  • I'm thankful this board exist and because of it I have met and become friends with amazing women that I wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to meet.

    I'm thankful my sister took P so I could work even though he's sick and extra work.

  • I am thankful to be living in this country.  No matter how hard things maybe at times, I am thankful to be getting the proper medical care and help when needed.

    I am always thankful for my husband and my in-laws. They are wonderful.

    I am thankful that my bunny seems to be feeling better.  She was sick a few days ago.

    I am thnakful to be carrying a healthy baby, and that soon I will get to hold her in my arms.

    I am thankful that another birthday has come around.

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