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Poll: Places you never would have gone

Where have you been that you probably never would have visited had you not lived abroad?  

Re: Poll: Places you never would have gone

  • For me: Slovenia. I absolutely loved it but I doubt that I would have wanted to fly from the States to visit it having never been there before.  I highly doubt that it would have ever occurred to me to even go there had it not been an easy drive for us.

    Also random little towns in the Czech Republic like Cheb and the National Parks there.  They are places that I really only went to because they were so close. 

  • Prague, though it is one of my favorite places in the world now.  Scuba diving in L'Estartit, Spain.  Amritsar, India (as I wouldn't have met my DH who brought me there to meet his family).  Many of the towns, small cities and parks in England that I've been to.
  • Inner Mongolia & Harbin - I'd never really heard anything about either one before we moved to China.  The grasslands in Inner Mongolia were gorgeous, and sleeping in a traditional yurt with a fire-heated floor was an experience!  The Harbin ice festival was beautiful, but I could have done without the -35? temperatures!

    Svalbard - Who's heard of Svalbard?  Most Norwegians never even make it up there!

    Probably a lot of Norway like Trondheim and the Lofoten Islands would never have made it onto our radar either.

    Canary Islands - Why go to the Canaries when you can go to the Caribbean or Hawaii?

  • Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, Norway and possibly the Netherlands
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  • Grimsby, England.  Lucky for me it's the gift that keeps on giving and I can visit my FIL for years to come! ;)
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  • I would guess a lot, if not most, of my casual traveling.  Here I have the time and make it a priority.  If I lived in the U.S. it would be a lot harder to make it across the ocean for a long weekend.
  • imageNCV2:
    Grimsby, England.  Lucky for me it's the gift that keeps on giving and I can visit my FIL for years to come! ;)

    Ha, I can say the same about Newcastle :) 

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  • imageandrea922:

    Grimsby, England.  Lucky for me it's the gift that keeps on giving and I can visit my FIL for years to come! ;)

    Ha, I can say the same about Newcastle :) 

    Now, now, Andrea, don't knock Newcastle.

    My places: Swansea, Aberystwyth, & Bangor in Wales. I've been to the castles and Snowdownia before living there, but these are the not-so-touristy places and I love them.

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Malta, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and I probably would have gone to Australia, but I don't think I would have gone three times in one year if we hadn't already been living "half-way" there.

    Living abroad has changed my idea of what a good vacation destination is. Before, I wouldn't have even considered India or Thailand or Egypt and now I would go in a heartbeat!

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  • you'vre been to lux??
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  • Just little places in Denmark and Sweden.  I probably wouldn't have gone outside Copenhagen, except maybe to Legoland, if I didn't live here/have a Danish DH.  I really enjoyed Roskilde, Odense, Gilleleje, Frederikssund, Malm?, etc. though.
  • Well, I don't live abroad but we were just talking about that with DH & his answer would be definitely Bruges, Gent, Leuven, well, Belgium in general - had he not moved here.

    Also Lille, Tunisia (more popular for hols this side of the channel it seems), Prague, Luxembourg and Jamaica had never really crossed our minds until we decided to get married there.

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