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Have you ever just had one of those weeks?

I swear, I think half of my brain left my body beginning Monday morning.  I am so ready for the week to be over and to start fresh again.  Starting my day off flaky Monday morning wasn't anything compared to what the rest of the week had in store!  And the big show stopper was when I went to the gorcery store after work on Monday.  I got out and hit the black button on my door to lock it and it usually beeps, but I didn't hear anything.  So I thought maybe my key fob wasn't in range and I hit it again,,,still nothing.  So I thought, no biggie, i'm just going in to get hamburger meat,  When I walked back out I hear a car running and don't see anyone in cars to the side or in front of me and I think, "OMG someone's car is running and they're not in it." was MINE!!!  But I didn't realize it until i tried to start the car and it did the squeal.  The car has the option to use the key or keyless start (which is what I always use and keep my keys in my purse) so thank goodness no one could have taken the car b/c the fob has to be within a certain range.  I literally sat in my car and almost cried b.c I couldn't believe what I did.  The rest of the week has gone downhill since then...I hope my Friday is a good ending to a bad week!
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Re: Have you ever just had one of those weeks?

  • Left HughugsRight Hug  and here's to a happy friday Beer
  • My grandmother's visitation was on monday = My week went downhill from there.
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  • I am so sorry!! That really stinks. I hope today flies by so that you can relax over the weekend. love.wins- I'm sorry you are having a rough time!!
    Can't believe our little guy is on his way to 2!


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