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Top 3/Bottom 3 for the week

Since it is slow here and slow at work, lets do something fun!

Name your top 3 highlights from the week and bottom 3

Re: Top 3/Bottom 3 for the week

  • Top 3 -

    I finished my first big wholesale order for my "busy" season

    Going home this weekend!

    Ran a whole mile without stopping to rest!

    Bottom 3

    Had to get my cavaties filled.

    Not going to the lake this weekend since my family is sick, no tan for me

    DH has to get a wisdom tooth cut out, so more money down the drain on our mouths.


  • I never get in here anymore!

    Top 3:

    Seeing DMB Saturday, getting great tickets (before they went on sale!) to a show in December, making myself run despite really not feeling like it these days

    Bottom 3:

    Feeling uncomfortable about a situation at work (nothing really serious, but bothersome to me), bruising my tooth and worrying that I may have cracked it, not running as much as I would have liked this week.


  • Top: finally getting Eli registered for preschool, connected with old friends, lost 6lbs

    Bottom: broken heart, had to move, single again

  • Top:

    1. Starting to look for a house
    2. Bought two new dresses
    3. DH let me go to bed early almost everyday this week


    1. Bored at work, everyday!
    2. Found out a friend of mine is using another friend of mine
    3. Got blamed for something that I shouldn't have
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  • Top:

    1) Connecting with new couple friends via a young couples small group at the church dh and I have been checking out

    2) Made a 100 on a group project in biology that *I* spearheaded - the highest group project grade in the entire class! AND I was able to educate my group on the health benefits of natural birth control

    3) Got a great hair cut on saturday that isn't a PITA to style


    1) DH lost my student ID that had my Title IV credit on it when he picked it up out of the safe instead of our credit card (they're the same color)... It fell out of his wallet somewhere between Wal Mart and Lowes and I had to de-activate the card and order a new one - $30 down the drain

    2) DH fell asleep on the couch yesterday with Greta on his chest like I tell him ALL THE TIME not to do because dachshunds are prone to spinal injuries - especially when they fall off of couches/beds/down the stairs, etc. She jumped off the couch and dislocated one of her little digits and possibly broke it (her bones are so teeny tiny it was hard to tell). We also found out that she has an ear infection as well as Stage 1 Bilateral Patellar Luxation, which is a orthopedic condition that causes her knees to come out of her sockets. She could either grow out of it, it could stay the way it is forever, or it could progress. Only time will tell.

    3) The deathwatch has begun for my g-ma. A few weeks ago I got an email that they had moved her from the hospital to a nursing home (I didn't even know she was in the hospital - she had been there 2 weeks). Then late last week I got a call that she only had a week to live because she had stopped eating. She has stage 4 alzheimer's so she doesn't know anybody and has lost control of most of her bodily functions. She's down to 70 lbs, is in diapers, and has a huge bruise down the left side of her face because she fell out of bed and didn't know to catch herself. 

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  • wow, after reading your #3, my week sounds like nothing.  Left HughugsRight Hug for love.wins
  • imagemonkeytoez:
    wow, after reading your #3, my week sounds like nothing.  Left HughugsRight Hug for love.wins

    I think we both need hugs for our bad weeks!! Crying

    Left HugRight Hug

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  • Top 3-

    1) I LOVE my cooperating teacher (and school) I'll be working with this semester.

    2) I graduate in 4 months!! I think I said that the other day in a post. I just can't get over how soon that is. Craziness.

    3) I bought all DH's birthday presents today, and the store I bought his shirt from said it wasn't supposed to be completely tax free (don't know why since today is the holiday) but their cash register was ringing it up without tax I got to pay no tax on it :)

     Bottom 3:

    1) Finding professional clothing that fits me is extremely annoying. I am not pregnant yet, so I don't want to look like it, thanks. lol.

    2)  I know I have to baby DH next week. He has to get a root canal.

    3)  I had to get fillings earlier this week. Fun stuff. I need to drink less soda.

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  • Top:

    1.  I found out today my teacher is waiving time restraints for my school (she wants reports turned in on a certain schedule) so that I can finish school in 9 weeks as opposed to 12 or 13. Yay!

    2.  Got 2 of my Christmas presents already ordered this week!  It's been something I said I was going to start early on every year and I never do.

    3.  Got kudos at work for accomplishing 2 huge financial reports after just learning how to do them the day before.


    1.  Working 7:45-5:00 every day then coming home from 5:30-9:00 and doing school work.

    2.  Had to deal with the new girl at work who;s not catching on to anything and then listening to my other co-worker b**** about it and be rude.

    3.  Didn't get out and get to enjoy the outdoors or spend time with DH since I have holed myself up in the office every day.

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  • I LOVE this post!


    1.  Going away for the weekend tomorrow to celebrate our second anniversary which is Teusday!!!

    2.  Actually being fully staffed at work for 2 days in a row (may not seem like much, but this is the first time in months that I have gotten all of my patient care and charting done in time to leave on time!)

    3.  Finally finishing up all the paperwork for grad school.  Classes start in 2 weeks! Can't wait!  Dorky I know!


    1.  Finding out that my best friend's brother passed away this week

    2.  DH's boss telling him that he won't discuss telecommuting with him until the end of September, so that means that we are stuck here untill November at the earliest

    3. Going to dinner with the ILs last night and my MIL trying to give me a guilt trip about how we never see them even though we seem them once a week at least and talk to them 3 times a week

    Can't believe our little guy is on his way to 2!


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  • I like this one too :)

    Top 3:

    1.  Having a blast at my reunion!

    2.  Getting 2 cute new dresses...which are always hard for me to find!

    3.  Getting our sweet new baby puppy...Coconut :)

    Bottom 3:

    1.  Having to start puppy house training all over again!

    2.  Having DH act like a total debbie downer at my reunion!

    3.  Got a new haircut a few days before the reunion...and she seriously chopped all my hair off :(


    *Happy Holidays*

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  • Top 3:

    1. Having dinner with good friends Thursday night.

    2. Going to Sips N Strokes Friday night and actually doing well enough to give my painting as a present!

    3. Having a 30% coupon for ATL and finding some great stuff there this weekend.

    Bottom 3:

    1. Going back to the doc on Friday because I still have a uti after a round of antibotics....sorry probably TMI but it's really been the worst part of my week.

    2. Not having as much done for DS's birthday as I would like to.

    3. Watching Dirty Sexy Money last night knowing that's the last episode.

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