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Google's Street View..

Has anyone seen it yet? I think it is neat, but pretty creepy. I tried my address, but the street view isn't on there yet. I tried my BFF's and I saw his house. I'm not sure I like this feature.

What do you guys think?

Re: Google's Street View..

  • My dad was telling me about this last night.  He looked up his house and said his truck was sitting in the driveway.  I asked if he could read his license plate, and he said he couldn't.  He mentioned that a lot of people were upset that this was available.  

    I want to know how much the people were paid to take all the pictures.  What a job.
  • I just did this and it creeps me out!! I did not know this was available...
  • I'm a little creeped out, too. I think DH said that our house isn't on there yet, but that his grandma's is. It's cool to see the downtown buildings, but I think I'd be a little more comfortable if it didn't include private residences.
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  • Being a realtor, I love it.  It's very helpful information that has actually been around & public knowledge for a long long time.  However, it's just now getting noticed by everyone, including the creepy's probably.  So it does worry me a little too.
  • Yeah, it is a little weird. Thank goodness my house isn't there yet - but my work is - and my car is in the parking lot in the picture, which skeeves me out.
  • Scary! I googled my mom's house and my sister's house-my car is in the driveway at my sister's! Thank goodness you can't see the license plate, or I would be pissed...this is scary and stalkerish.
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  • Don't like it!

    Our house is not on there, but I found my parents and my workplace.

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