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Family Lawyer

We are trying to get legal custody of my stepkids.  Mom "let" them live with us and enroll them in school here in Fenton (in Oct 07 for Stepson and in June 08 for stepdaughter)  She lives in DeSoto and has decided that she wants to switch them to every other week and she will drive them to school on her way to work in Fenton on her weeks.  The problem is these poor kids are waking up at 4:30 in the morning when she has them.  They are tired and crabby at school and it has only been 3 days!!  We have tried to talk to her about this but she just threatens to pull them out of school up here and take them back to DeSoto.  My SS would be really upset since he has been going to school here since Oct and has made friends etc and my SD already talks about how much better the school is up here.  I don't know what our chances of getting them to live here during the weeks are but we are to the point for the health of the kids I think we need to take this back to court.  I know there is a board for Blended families but I am looking for a GOOD family lawyer or some advise on this.  Sorry this got so long!!!  TIA

Re: Family Lawyer

  • Sorry I don't have a recommendation for you.  Just wanted to say that I'm sorry you have to go through this.  You would think that their mother would want what is best for them and their future.  How old are they?

    CAPES SOKOL GOODMAN + SARACHAN PC, Alan N. Zvibleman 314-505-5450 [email protected]  A co-worker highly recommended him to me as an attorney. He is going through a custody battle for his daughter and is using him as his.

  • They are 8 and 9.  Thanks for the support!!! We have never had a good relationship with her but it seems to just be getting worse and I think it is time that we do something about.  We have to for the kids :)
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