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Do you worry that your husband isn't attracted to your physique?


Re: Do you worry that your husband isn't attracted to your physique?

  • Nope.  Not at all.  I gained approx 25-30 lbs from when we started dating (Nov. 02) through when I started working out (Sept. 06) fact, when he proposed, I was probably at the heaviest weight I reached during that time span.  When I started working out, eating better, and losing weight, he was THRILLED-not because I was more attractive to him, but because it made me so happy.
  • The question wasn't "would your hubby still think you're hot if you gained 100 lb".

    It was "do you worry that he isn't attracted to you now".

    I'm within ten pounds of my lowest adult weight. Nothing has changed really since we met. I imagine many women just honestly answered that at this point in time, their spouse thinks they're doable.

  • well we met at the gym so it is very important to both of us. ?Its a part of our day to get to the gym not a chore. ?We don't care what the other looks like as long as we are both staying healthy.
  • I don't always feel like I'm attractive.  MH assures me (practically daily) that he thinks I'm beautiful and finds me very attractive.

  • ~NB~~NB~ member
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    Hell no. Not worried at all. It doesn't even rate on my list of marital concerns.
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  • image ~NB~:
    Hell no. Not worried at all. It doesn't even rate on my list of marital concerns.

    This. My weight only fluctuates a few pounds. When I gain weight, it all goes to my boobs. Mr. Kirkette is a-okay with this. 

  • image foundmylazybum:

     I'm not in the dating pool...this the Nest, for married women--not  The thing is, marriage, is a combination of many things and to discount physical attractiveness in the marriage is silly.  Of course my husband loves my brains and personality, and he would love that if I was the same weight forever or changed. But, if there was a huge physical change, his attraction to me would also change. He's physically attracted to me because I'm his physical "type" of person!

    If my physique  changes than I might not be his "type" physically. He'll still love me, he'll still be attracted to all my other attributes, but he will be less physically attracted to me.  AND the same goes for me! 

    Every single person on the planet has their "type," of physique that they are attracted to (men AND women!) 

    I have to say I agree with this.  We love each other no matter what, but physical attraction is important, it doesn't mean someone's shallow IMO.  Let's be honest here, if your DH gained 50 lbs, would you be as attracted on a physical level?  Not talking about if you'd still love him, that goes without saying...

    My DH and I talked about this right from the start, it's each other's personal responsibility to keep fit and healthy not only for each other but ourselves.  Keeping fit is not only good physically, but emotionally and mentally.  It all goes together.

    Just celebrated 6 blessed wedded years! 9.24.06
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