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Graduation ideas

My younger sister graduates from high school in May and my DH and I were talking with my brother and his wife about gifts and we decided to do the big basket-type gift with lots of dorm necessities inside-  i remember getting a gift like that and I loved it- 

But, since we are about 6 years post- dorm life we are trying to compile a list of things to put in and are needing more ideas-  we are planning on all the laundry type things, some dishes, silverware for any dorm cooking, towels, shampoo, cond., etc.- 

Anyone have any other ideas of what to put in it- things they used in their dorm? 

Re: Graduation ideas

  • never lived in a dorm but here is what my sister used who is 2 years post dorm life:
    cute flip flops for the shower
    maybe a shower caddy thing (or cute bag) to hold all of her shower stuff so she can easity transport it from her room to the shower
    good smelling lotions and body splashes
    my sister used a pop up hamper a lot, they have them at Bed Bath and Beyond      

  • My sister always sent me care packages with EasyMac, Ramen noodles, popcorn, etc... I had a microwave in my room, which was super nice (it was mine from home ~ it was designed for dorm living, so it's very compact. It's actually in my classroom now!), and my roommate had a dormsized fridge. Periodically, they would send me books for "fun" so if I needed a break from homework, I could read a mystery.... Maybe a robe and flipflops to wear to/from the shower? And a basket to keep all her shower stuff in. If she doesn't have a cellphone with unlimited minutes, maybe some calling cards? That was my biggest issue when I was away from home. Or gas cards were always nice! :-) Hopefully this gets you a start - what a great idea!
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  • My best friends mom gave me a laundry basket filled with:
    Laundry detergent, a laundry bag, pop-up hamper, dryer sheets and a coin dispenser for quarters (she also filled it up.) I thought it was an awesome idea.
     I don't know where your sis is going to school but you could also get her some g/c to places that deliver to the dorms- at UNL , I ate Papa Johns all the time, but you could do Jimmy Johns, etc.
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  • A marker board for her door with lots of extra markers. Those always, somehow, magically disappear.

    Maybe a cute keychain since she'll be carrying her dorm key with her. If you can find one with a little wallet type sleeve for her student ID that would be nice. She'll have to have both of those with her when she goes to eat.

    How close are you to her? A friend of mine gave me toothpaste, a toothbrush, deoderant, and tampons. "All the essentials" she said! :)
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  • a shower caddy, container to carry back and forth to the bathroom.  Crates were always good for us to store food, dishes etc in, bathrobe, calling card to call home, sheet set, mini vaccum or dust buster-the ones in our dorm were always broken so it was nice to have our own, roll of quarters to do laundry, paper plates, iron, mini ironing board.

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