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I've joined a new gym and a bit wary

DH and I both joined up today at a Crunch fitness but it looks quite unusual. I did some haggling for a no-joining fee contract but both think it looks a little brothel-like inside in a fun way.

The cons are no daylight and that's about it.

The pros are a supercool disco atmosphere, good facilities, tvs at each machine, free classes including yoga and some odd ones like spartan class. The locker rooms are like nothing I've ever seen full with sparkling floors and psychdellic ceilings. Oh, and there's a lot of crystal embedded couches with fake fur and campness.

I cannot wait to check out the cool illuminous blue pool tomorrow with massaging waterfalls. I hope I get energy for working out there the same way you do in a nightclub lol.

Have any other Irish nesties gone to one of these gyms?

Re: I've joined a new gym and a bit wary

  • That sounds like a fun place!
  • I haven't, but the SJC just got something in the mail from them with a low joining fee/monthly payment and now I'm seriously considering it....
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  • It does look like a lot of fun and maybe it'll encourage me to go more.

    BizarroLiz, if you do join, hold out and be cheeky and get the no-joining fee! Wink If you want to check out ours first, let me know, we get a couple of free guest passes :)

  • Will do! I'll probably check it out in late August/ early September when I'm back from Boston. :)
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  • I used to belong to the Temple Bar branch, DH still does.  My only complaints were particular to the branch - poor cleaning standard in showers/changing room, very tiny weights area and the pool was a random 18m or something like that.  However, the water aerobics classes were a blast and the yoga and pilates classes were both really well done too.  If I could still got to a gym I'd probably still go there.  They send me re-joining text messages every other week or so too!

  • Wow.  That's pretty spectacular!  FI wants to join now.  Too bad we're not in Ireland! haha
  • Nope. I wouldn't join. They have a typo and grammar error in their website's opening page. yeah, i am judgey mcgrammar police about businesses.

    how the hell can you be a 5* luxury boutique health and fitness club? who exactly hands out the stars for that? 


    edit:  answered my own question sort of. mobil travel guide does spas in the usa so there has got to be an equivalent over here, right? so i guess a star rating is possible. 

  • That sounds cool, I wish we had gyms like that here.
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  • that sounds like fun! i would definitely be inspired to work out in such a fun atmosphere.
  • Sounds like great motivation! Let us know how it goes!
  • DH and I went today and I LOVE it. It's a mix between a hotel, spa, nightclub, brothel (not that I've been in one) and a gym. The only downside is that I lost my MP3 player. :( I left it at one machine for 5 minutes and someone took it. In fairness the manager searched all the cameras but couldn't tell who took it. Here's hoping someone took it with them to drop in at reception later and I'll be able to get it tomorrow. It wasn't expensive but it's still annoying. We did meet friends of DH's he used to work out with so he now has a weights buddy.

    The pool and hydrotherapy pool were so nice after the workout too. I cannot wait to go again tomorrow if I'm not too sore.

    AND, we checked out a couple of gyms in the area yesterday, one of which was only ?2 cheaper a month but looked and felt like a prison gym *shivers*. It really is so cheap for the gym that it is.

  • image LoopyNoodle:

    It's a mix between a hotel, spa, nightclub, brothel......

    AND, we checked out a couple of gyms in the area yesterday, one of which was only ?2 cheaper a month but looked and felt like a prison gym .....

    So you picked porn over prison? rock on! that would be my choice!! Yes

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