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Ahh, pregnancy...

I've been MIA for a few days... getting used to the hyperemesis again with a toddler around is so not easy.  Definitely selective memory on my part.  I was like, oh, it won't be as bad as last time... yeah right.  This is pretty much a poor poor me post.  :-)  This is the first time I've been up for sitting at the computer in awhile and I'm already feeling woozy looking at the screen.  Sooo... the next couple months (at least) will be interesting at best, especially trying to box up and move soon.  I'm just hoping I don't get an IV at home.  That would be sucky.  Well, off to puke.

If you know of anything that might help with the nausea and puking, email me at ra _ peter at cox dot net since my DH checks it and I probably won't for awhile.

Hope your April and May go well.  I'm not counting on being on the board for a long time.

...and I'm spent.

Re: Ahh, pregnancy...

  • sorry you having such a difficult time. Hope you start feeling better
  • I don't know if you'll read this or not, but I"m sorry you're not feeling well.  Let me know if you want me to take Jessie for an afternoon or something sometime so that you can rest.


  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad! Hopefully the next few months will fly by.

    Have they tried Zofran on you at all? It was my best friend after they got the dose correct.


  • Sorry to hear you've been so sick!
    I was quite sick with Jackson and again with this pregnancy. (I'm still not up to my pre-pregnancy weight). My doctor gave me Zofran for this pregnancy and it's been awesome! The only times it hasn't worked are the days when I'm over the edge sick (throwing up like 25-40 times per 24 hour period). Zofran is quite expensive and I don't know if all insurance plans cover it. Mine allowed me 15 pills per 30 day period. I tried to refill the prescription before the 30 days was up and found out it would cost me $500 to fill...needless to say I did not get the pills. You may want to check into it!

    Good luck!
  • I drank lots of propel.  It had vitamin B in it.  Hope you feel better soon.
  • I know it sucks to not feel good but my mom went through 9 1/2 years of fertility treatments to have me. She reminded me how lucky I was to be pregnant. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear at the time but it really put it into perspective. She would've been sick every single day for the rest of her life if it meant that she could have a family.
    The nauesa and extrme tiredness  is why I'm waiting until Owen is 15 until we consider another baby. Ok- so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but not too far off.
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  • Someone (after I puked my guts out for 10 wks) told me the seaband bracelets really help! I also have b-natal pops which are cherry suckers! I ordered them through the pharmacy at target but ended up not using them! If youd like to try them you are more than welcome to them! Let me know! Also someone said to try flat caffeine free pop! Just heard that one recently! GL hope you feel better! I know it sucks!!!!!!!!!
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  • I didn't have extreme nausea, so it may not even be something to try...but ginger always worked well for me!! :)
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  • I used the seaband things and they helped me a ton!  Good luck and hope you feel better soon! :-)

    Reese sends a what's up to her girlie Jessie!  :)
  • I know you are probably not checking this, but I would ask for a scrip for zofran. It was a lifesaver for me with both pgs and the only thing that worked.
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  • I was going to mention Zofran too.  I am sure you have probably already tried that I am guessing.  I had a good friend who had hypermesis with a toddler and was hooked up to an IV.  Lucky for her she also had a nanny.  Not everyone is that lucky.  If you want to try the Seabands, let me know.  I got some after I got PG and my MS ended right after I bought them.  Go figure.  They are yours if you want them and I can bring them over.  I owe you!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
  • I second zofran!  I wouldn't have been able to manage my 2 little boys had it not been for it.  I took it until week 24, and I have weened myself off it since.  Good Luck!
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