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Credit Report??

 We are looking for a place to live in Kansas, and I have noticed that a lot of the tenants are asking us to use free credit report websites.  We don't like doing stuff like that and I am from California and we are just not use to that here.  We have Bank of America credit protector so I can get a copy of my credit report to them but they want us to use their sites.  I guess it's not that big of a deal since we are protected by BofA.  Is this normal for anyone

Re: Credit Report??

  • I don't understand. The people you want to rent from want you to pull your credit?

    There's nothing odd about that. Rentals check credit all the time. What are you worried about, exactly? What websites are they telling you to use?

    Credit protector and a credit report are two different things. A protector will only protect you in the event your credit or identity are stolen. 

  • Is this on Craigslist, by any chance?  There are some forclosure companies that list homes as "rentals" on there, when they actually want to you LTO.  And they're somehow partnered with those "free" credit report companies.  I'd avoid it.
  • Im not worried about them checking my credit its the websites they want me to use.  Im worried about these sites not being legit.  I have a credit protector so I can get copies of my credit report from a safe place. So it's only the sites that I am worried about
  • Ive never been told by anywhere I rent to monitor my own credit. Its normal for a landlord to pull your credit before they rent to you but for them to tell you to do it seems odd.

    I get a quarterly credit report from my Capitol One card. I have credit protection from them and credit monitoring. Costs me like $8 a month for each but its worth it if something shows up.

  • What sites are they telling you to use? Why are they asking you to run your own credit? Are you renting from a company or an individual?
  • It is from Craigslist but she made sure to tell me that it is not rent to own.  She is only looking for someone to lease the property
  • Bottom line if you have a bad feeling about it , don't do it.

  • imageshaykrista:
    It is from Craigslist but she made sure to tell me that it is not rent to own.  She is only looking for someone to lease the property

    What website is she asking you to use?

    Then it's probably legit. If she's not using a management company, it's probably easier (and safer for you) for you to hand her a paper saying that you're not a risk.

  • It's fine. It references which is recommended by the military as opposed to

    I can't find anything bad about them on google, either.

  • imageshaykrista:

    Looks shady to me.

    Why does she want you to use that particular site?

  • imageshaykrista:

    I've googled, checked the BBB. I can't find anything negative about this site.

    Give them a search on that site if you're concerned. They look legit to me. 

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