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S/O drinking problem (I mentioned in Spanish's post)

I was kinda considering smuggling my own beer into the bar tonight. I am only going out for 2, but NEED to save money. I wouldn't go out anyway except it is with my friend that is going through a lot right now. So I figured I'd buy one there and then pour my can into the bottle.

OK I understand how cheesy this is and won't be doing it, but it did cross my mind.

Stay tuned for the "Confession Post" on Monday though. Hahahaha

Re: S/O drinking problem (I mentioned in Spanish's post)

  • Do what I do, just drink in the parking lot.  Or buy airplane bottles of liquor and just order soda/mixers.  Yes

    There's nothing wrong with buying a 6 pack of beer and drinking it on the sidewalk in front of your hotel either.

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  • I think H thinks I have a drinking problem, whenever I come home I have to have an alcoholic beverage and when were at family parties I freak out if there isnt any alcohol...its crazy I know but I love me my alchy!! :)

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  • I would do it! They charge way to much for beer at bars.[/IMG]
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  • DH's weird friend from high school did this once. Actually, he had it with him because he had just come from a BYOB restaurant. So, he just drank his beer instead of ordering. The waiter called him out because the bar didn't have the beer he was drinking. So, when the waiter left, he poured one into a glass. When the waiter came back later, he said something again (it was a red beer and the bar didn't serve any read beers). He almost got us kicked out.
  • my girls & i like to play power hour (a shot of beer every minute for an hour) although it usually ends up bein power 15 minutes...but anyway we do that before going out so we have our buzz on and have to buy less beer
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