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Fake (Spray) Tan

Hello ladies.  I have a really dumb question about spray tan.  Does it work like a tanning bed in the sense that you've 'built up' some tan so when you go to the beach you technically would get darker?

We're going to Florida in September and I am beyond pale.  I don't want to go to a tanning bed b/c the older I am getting the more protective I am of my skin.  Would you recommend spray tan over over-the-counter tan stuff?

Can you recommend a good place to go for a spray tan or a good over-the-counter product that actually works?


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Re: Fake (Spray) Tan

  • I know spray tans are really popular in the UK so I would think they're better there than they are in the US. But that said - they're all the rage in Ireland as well and all of Graeme's family just end up looking orange so I don't know.

    I would just be pale to be honest... That is how I rock it every summer. 

  • image hamilton.ja:

    I would just be pale to be honest... That is how I rock it every summer. 

    Hehe.  I just hate standing out like a sore thumb.  However, it's probably the way I'll be going.  Ahh well. 
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  • I'm a paley too.  That being said, if we end up going to the Caribbean for our wedding, I might try to build up some tan before I go so I don't fry like a fish out there!  I go out with about a 10 on for a half hour or so.  Gradual build up without the burn.
  • A spray tan will not make you get a better or darker tan at the beach.  You'd have to use a tanning bed for that.  I used to do it twice a week for 10 minutes or so before vacations to prep my skin for sunshine since it never sees it here.  I realize this isn't the healthiest option.

    If you want a fake tan, spray tans (St Tropez or Fake Bake) are the best.  The best fake tan I ever had was a St Tropez spray on that was hand airbrushed on.

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    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I wouldn't try the over the counter products unless you're a real pro, it's extremely easy to end up with tiger stripes or looking orange. That being said, I've had good experiences with professional spray-on tans. Just ask the people there for every piece of advice to make sure it doesn't get messed up (how long before it's okay to shower, etc.).

    Also remember that it's not like a "base" tan in that your skin will still get burned if you go out into the sun, even if it still looks tan because of the spray tan, does that make sense? If anything you'll need a stronger sunscreen because it'll be harder to tell when you're getting too much sun.

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  • A spray tan does not build up a tan on you. It just dyes the skin. That dyed skin has to be maintained or as it naturally exfoliates the color will appear patchy. You can get a spray tan right before your trip but you will still burn in the sun.

    I'm very pale as well. What I would do in preparation for summer was to use a tanning salon once or twice a week but for low amounts. So for a session that could go up to 20 minutes, I'd do 5 minutes. I never looked "tan" but oh, well. Big thing was that I no longer got the really bad sunburns at the beginning of summer. We're talking the going to bed with a fever, red or not, type sunburns.

    Originally started doing the 5 minutes a week during college. Moved from a non-winter location to a college where winter was a real season. I got winter blues and went to the tanning salon for some happy rays. The sunburn-lessening was a pleasant discovery.

  • OMG beware the rubbing! Your palms will get fake tanned as well.

    I go albino myself. And then tend to play it up by propping up two parasols and laying around 3 or 4 bottles of spf 50 next to my towel.......

  • Thanks for the info ladies!  I didn't think that a spray tan would build up my tan.  See, told you it was a dumb question :P

    Melaina, I think I may try the St. Tropez stuff, thanks for the rec!

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  • A second St Tropez as the best... I use the self application stuff and don't think I ever look orange in the slightest... at least I hope I don't!

    But if you're not a pro, definitely get it done by a professional as streaks are no good!

  • FYI, the best "at home" fake tan I ever had was somewhat of a frat boy's wet dream.

    A friend and I got down to bra/undies, wore plastic gloves and self-tanned each other.  It was streak free, but still not as good as an airbrush.

    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I'm glad you asked this because I thought the same thing just yesterday.  We're going to the Maldives in October for our honeymoon and I was wondering if a spray tan would act as a base - a fleeting thought!  Off to the tanning beds I go.  Hooray for sunburns at my wedding!
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  • I reckon if all of us albino-types stayed white as snow, being pale would come back into fashion.
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