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Hey ladies, it's been a while since I've posted...

I'm just about 38 weeks and waiting, waiting, waiting. I had convinced myself I'd have this baby by now, especially after the OB said his head was already dropping into my cervix, but I guess I was getting ahead of myself.

I'm suuuuper swollen and having trouble moving around but in good spirits otherwise. My mom is a teacher and she is off in the summers so it's been great having her around.

The only thing I'm worried about is not knowing for sure when my labour pains start - and also how I'm going to get our car seat and stroller to work (stupid, I know).


Re: Hello!

  • Wow Mary - it's almost time!! How exciting. I seems like people announce their PG and then BAM - 9 months pass just like that!

    I hope you don't need to wait too much longer to see your bundle of joy! Hope you have a fast and easy delivery - looking forward to hearing all about it.

    I'm sure you'll know what the labour pains are when you get them - I hear they can't be mistaken! As for the car seat and stroller - get DH to figure it out!! :)

  • Hi babes!

    I remember being as far along as you. As Rach once said, and I agree, being that close (or even worse, going over) is a "mindfvck."

    Danica was plunged right into my cervix at 34 weeks. I had her 3 days early. I got lightning bolts out the vag about 20358320948 times a day and still she stayed in there.

    I remember the OB doing a stretch and sweep at 38 weeks and she said "you're having the baby this weekend" and yet, a week later she hadn't come.

    As someone with a quick labour, trust me, you'll still know "something" is going on when labour starts. I didn't get the typical contraction pain but I had brutal pee cramps (like a UTI) every 5 minutes that I couldn't sleep through. Trust me, you'll know when something is up. It won't leave you alone, and you won't be able to sleep when labour gets intense.

    LOL I'm with you on the travel system. I had no clue until Mike taught me.

  • If you want to get rid of your swelling (and not have it return) get acupuncture.  It can also get rid of your aches and pains...  help you sleep...  And get the baby into a better position.  I had an awesome pregnancy and know acu is what kept me feeling so good those last couple of months.

    DD was born August 15.  Sounds like our little ones might share a birthday! 

    All the best.  It's such an exciting time.  :)


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    Lilypie - (sGpn)

  • Acupuncture huh? That never even occurred to me!

    Nat, thanks for sharing your experience cause no one around me had the same cervix experience and man does it hurt!

  • Woo hoo 38 weeks! I hope baby comes soon for you, although if the baby doesn't come for a bit longer than you can come join us for brunch next weekend. Although at this point I'm guessing you'd rather have your little one here than brunch.

    I'm excited to hear the annoucement when he arrives! I hope things get more comfortable for you between now and then. 

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