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How to entertain a 12 and 14 yo?

So my nieces are with us for the weekend and we're very excited about it. I have Friday planned as we'll be Toronto shopping, dining and doing the CN tower, but I'm stumped on Saturday.

Would like to avoid Toronto (Caribana) so west of the city is best... either an all day activity or a day and then night activity - the drive inn has been ruled out as according to them they have seen every movie as that's what everyone is doing with them right now.

Any ideas? They were so much easier to entertain when they were younger!

Re: How to entertain a 12 and 14 yo?

  • What about pedicures or manicures? You can go to a place where you can all do them at the same time.

    Are they crafty girls? You could take some pics Friday while out shopping and then scrapbook them on Saturday. You could take a trip to a scrapbook store and get your supplies and then either do your pages there or go back home and do them. I have a ton of tools and supplies if you want to borrow them. 

    Jewellery making? Loomis has a nice bead bar that they can go and choose what they like and then put it together. 

    Or if all else fails, you could have them help you finish painting! ;) 

  • That's genius! They would love a mani/pedi day and they are totally crafty!

    This is why I PP heart you Yvonne :)

    The painting is done finally - they were the reason we had to get it done!

  • glad you liked the ideas! Who doesn't love a pedi?!

    That's such a tricky age to entertain I think. Especially for girls! 

    Do you want to borrow any crafty things?

  • 1. Science Centre

    2. Pottery class (

    3. Mani/Pedi - great idea Yvonne!

    4. Baking - muffins/cookies

    5. Movies

    6. Canada's Wonderland!!

    7. Zoo

    8. Ferry to the Islands 


  • I was just going to suggest a stay in spa night too!

    Mani's, pedi's... I remember at that age I LOVED doing the mud masks, too... I always felt like a grown up LOL

    Wonderland would be so fun too (yet so expensive at the same time)

    Baking/Cooking... make a theme night - they pick the recipes to try and you supervise as they become chefs

    Scrapbooking or other crafts


  • I was going to suggest the ROM but I think that conflicts with your no TO criteria.  Can you go to the farmers market in the AM and then do some baking?
  • where are they from? would they want to go to Niagara Falls for the day? it's supposed to be nice on Saturday (finally!!!).

    shopping might be fun, like Square One.

  • Thanks Ladies for all the ideas... Wonderland is out b/c I can't ride and the hubs has crazy bad motion sickness (someone else is taking them as a result, everyone thought I would be taking them), they are in Niagara with my BIL next week.

    I think we'll do a local day on Saturday, I like the idea of the farmer's market and some grocery shopping so they can plan what they want for dinner/dessert and we'll make it together. Maybe a trip to the conservation area in the afternoon and a movie if they haven't seen it. Spa/Pedi's are the back up for rain as Adam wants to spend as much time as possible with them (without doing things that are too girly!)

    I have them tomorrow afternoon for a bit before Adam joins us so there will be some shopping downtown for sure! Now where to go for dinner tomorrow night while downtown... picky eaters, we'll probably end up at Mc D's or something equally terrible!

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