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Are you getting the N1H1 vaccine?

I think that DS and I will probably get it.  DD will only be 4 months old at the time it is available so I'm not sure that I am comfortable with her getting a trial run vaccine at that age.  DH probably won't bother either b/c every year that he use to get the regular flu shot, he would get severely sick immediately afterwards.

What are you planning on doing?

Re: Are you getting the N1H1 vaccine?

  • I didn't know this was available....but I am so getting it if I can. We travel to Cabo in Sept, so I suppose it makes sense to cover all of our bases.
  • CBLCBL member

    Probably not.  I always get the flu vaccine and will continue to get it this year, but I don't like the idea of getting a vaccine that's really only had a very limited amount of testing - especially being pregnant. 

    I'm pretty vigilant about handwashing, sanitizer and generally trying to avoid others' germs, so I'll just do my best.  

    I work in a very large office centre and both my company and the property management company have quite detailed pandemic plans.  If I feel at risk, I'll definitely be working from home. 

  • Usually they offer the regular flu vaccine at my work, if they are offering the H1N1 at the same time I think I will get it... If I have to go out of my way, I don't think I will. 
  • I don't think so. I have never had the flu shot - I have never had the flu for that matter.

    With something this new and I'll be with a newborn at the time I just don't want to risk the vaccine making me sick or affecting the LO.

  • Nope. Never had the flu shot, and never had the flu.
  • Nope. It is too "new" and not tested enough IMO. I never get the flu shot either.
  • Nope...

    Don't get the flu shot either; because the two times my parents made me get the shot I was so sick all winter long.


  • Absolutely not. I'm not allowed to have any flu vaccines because I had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

    I won't have DD vaccinated b/c it's too new and we don't know of what the negative impact could be. We're going to do a lot of natural prevention methods and keep our immune systems in great shape by seeing the chiro on a regular basis and eating all the right prevention foods.

    However, with DH being a teacher, he is considering getting the vaccine, as he doesn't want to bring H1N1 home from school (last year just after DD was born, he brought a flu and 2 colds home).

  • I highly doubt it. To date, there has not been a single confirmed case in my city, so my chances of catching it are probably pretty slim. And as far as I'm aware the only people dying from it are those with compromised immune systems. I've never had the flu shot.
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  • Most likely. I work in health care and come into contact with sick people daily. The H1N1 is still a flu vaccine, so it's not going to be terribly different than a regular flu vaccine.
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