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Tube Tying

Anyone had their tubes tied or have any suggestions? I am definitely not going to have children without a question. My hubby does not want them either so I am tired of futsing around with birth control options and ready for a permanent choice.

Re: Tube Tying

  • It can be hard to find a doc to do it if you are young and childless. Check out the essure method. That's what I want someday....along with a vasectomy for whatever future permanent partner.
  • Is your H against a vasectomy?  That's way, WAY easier than getting your tubes tied.
  • I had my tubes tied a long time ago, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have
  • I'm also interested in getting my tubes tied, though I know a legit doctor won't do it since I'm only 23 and I'll "probably change my mind." I'm thinking about approaching my doctor about getting an IUD. Then at least I won't have to worry about BCPs.
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  • Well its much easier for a guy to have a vasectomy then for you to have your tubes tied.  BUT they do have this new coil thing that can be put in while doing just a regular paps.  But its new, so its still pretty expensive.

    Im not sure how old you are but sometimes docs give you a REALLY hard time if you havnt had children and your young.  My brother just had a vasectomy done and he had a hard time finding a doctor who would do it (he's 25, his wifes 23) but my SIL has bad blood clots and cannot be on BC and cannot have children because it could kill her.  And even that people kept saying "well what if she gets better! are you SURE!?"  They didnt want kids before this situation, so it wasnt a big deal to them.

    Some people dont understand that not everybody just wants to shoot off offspring at the first chance they get.  Dh and I love kids, but they just arnt for us to have our own.

  • Just want to mention with the Essure procedure make sure, sure, sure you don't have a nickel allergy.

  • Hi,

    I had my tubes ties at 20.  I am unable to take hormonal bc and I would have problems carrying a child to term, so my doctor was willing to do it. 

    A good doc will listen to you and not give you the old 'you'll change your mind' load of BS.  I was out for about 2 days and couldn't lift anything heavy for about a week.  I didn't think it was a big deal, my scars are barely visable.

    Also, please don't bust you h's balls if he doesn't want a vasectomy.  I can't stand when women on here say 'your H is an a$$ if he won't do it 'cause it's sooooo much easier.'  Seriously, a tubal is not really a big deal either.

  • Thanks all for your suggestions. My H is willing to get a vasectomy, but I want to do this for me. Niether of us wants children, one of the reasons we work so well together. I have never wanted children, and this is my decision, even though he agrees with me. BUT one never knows what the future may bring, and I would not want him to find himself with another woman and unable to have children. Where as I definitely never want kids!

    I have an appointment with my doc in a few weeks to discuss options. I know Tube Tying is the most invasive. Is there any other permanent options? Has anyone had experience with this?

    I have an IUD and it is due to come out. I have been really happy with the IUD, it is the best BC method, but I am ready for a permanent option.


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