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Places for water births in Delaware

One of my good friends wants to do a water birth for her baby due in October.  She asked if I knew of any place that does that and I don't...  Does anyone know of anywhere?


Re: Places for water births in Delaware

  • The only place that allows true water births in Delaware is The Birth Center in Wilmington.    They are AMAZING!  I absolutely love my experience there (even though I was transferred to the hospital which ended in c-section) and will continue to go there for my normal gyn care.  It's the best care I've ever had, honestly.
  • Thanks, Beth!  I told her I thought there was one in Wilmington.  Her response was.. "What if I don't make it in time?" She lives in Dover too so she definitely shouldn't have a problem! :)

  • It's a valid concern, one that many of us shared.  But I live in Dover ;)  And they have moms travel as far as Lewes to TBC.  If she's willing to travel up to Christiana Hospital (which MANY in the Dover area do), she'll have no problems going an extra 10 minutes to TBC. 

    Feel free to have her email me directly with her questions.  bethcrook at

  • Is this question for who I think it is for? :) If so, tell her I said "Water births are for hippies!". Totally kidding, but she will (hopefully) understand my sense of humor.
  • there are some midwives who do home births in that area. tell her to google holistic midwifery. there are two midwives and they might be able to bring the equipment to do a water birth like a kiddy pool.
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