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We closed today!

Yaaay... We went over after work and signed all of the paperwork. We had such a good experience w/ everyone but I'm so glad it's done :)

We went over to the house afterwards to take Tuck and let him walk around and we met our neighbor to the left of us (already met the one to the right). The H carried me over the threshold and then we just sat on the deck for awhile and enjoyed not having to do anything for right now.

We're halting packing tonight and getting chinese to celebrate!

Happiest place on Earth!

Re: We closed today!

  • Aww... I can't wait for DH to carry me over the threshold! I insist that he does it, no matter how silly he thinks it is. Enjoy your dinner!

    I wish I could relax once we get a house and are in it for the first night, but I know I will be cleaning non stop. I'm so OCD.

  • I just looked at your house pics in your blog... it's gorgeous! I doubt we will find something that nice in our price range, but we'll be happy with whatever we can get. We're so sick of throwing away $700 a month on rent!
  • Congrats!
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  • YAY!! Sounds wonderful! I know you will be soo glad when you get all moved in!
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  • Wow your house looks great! Congrats!! Where is it located if you don't mind me asking..
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  • Yay - congrats!  Enjoy, you deserve to celebrate :)
  • Congrats new homeowners!!! Doesn't it feel good to sit on YOUR deck?
  • Congratulations homeowners! Your house is beautiful! I love it!
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  • Congrats! :)

    We were supposed to close today too, but our broker called last night and the attorneys changed it to Thursday. ::fingers crossed::


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  • Janks- Ohhh no no no no, we won't stay until I've cleaned it within an inch of it's life :) We're going tomorrow to clean and we're painting the next two weeks and then we hope to move in. It's only a mile from where we live now so it's pretty easy to randomly pop by every day haha

     Colleen- We bought in Southwest VA. The COL is pretty good here and we got into a great location and school district so that was important to us.

     Beth&Derek- I meant to ask you if you guys ended closing today.. I know you guys were supposed to be close to our closing date. I'm glad that things are going good for you guys now. Good luck Thursday!

    Happiest place on Earth!
  • Congrats! That is so exciting!
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  • That's awesome!  Congrats!!
  • Congrats!!!  We closed yesterday too!  Unfortunately we don't take possession until Friday so we couldn't go to the house after we finished signing all those papers!

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  • Congrats!!
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