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Third Person Tuesday


Re: Third Person Tuesday

  • image Bellabride2B:

    Kirsten turned 30 overnight!

    Kirsten has to get out of ehr pjs (it's 2:30 pm) and get dressed for dinner!

    Kirsten cleaned the bedroom from top to bottom around 11 pm last night. Nothing like waking up to a sparkly room!

    Kirsten hopes this post gets a ton of replies!

    Lore says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kirsten! Lore wants a full review of what the 30s are like before January...

    Lore thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with staying in pjs on a birthday, and in fact, everyone should do it if possible!

  • image kimmyalc:

    image Karrey31:
    Karrey agrees that cleaning is overrated.

    Kim totally agrees with this statement.  Kim hasn't vaccumed in 2 days!  Kim knows that's not that bad but when Kim has two dogs the hair really builds up.  Kim hopes her husband will do it... Kim just made herself LOL!

    Lor thinks you're all being silly. None of you can compite with her slacker ways...

    Lore hasn't cleaned her house in 2 weeks, really... her DH has kept the floor fur-free, and she cleans the kitchen and does laundry, but that's about it...

    Lore totally blames Lovebug for it, too Wink

  • Lore is really enjoying this post and her Novembies' replies!
  • Danielle just got back from a work Costco run and cannot belive that this her fourth summer in AZ and she still hasn't gotten her windows tinted! Danielle is melting right now.
  • image missdanib:
    Danielle just got back from a work Costco run and cannot belive that this her fourth summer in AZ and she still hasn't gotten her windows tinted! Danielle is melting right now.

    Lore understands Danielle. This AZ summer is cooking her up! And it's not even as hot as she's sure it is in Scottsdale!

  • Kristy just realized that there were several pages in this post. She checked THREE times, wondering why the post count went up, but there were no more posts (on the first page) HA! Kristy is an _ass! Embarrassed

    Kristy is excited to eat the fajitas DH just made!! 

  • Liz is VERY IMPRESSED with all of the responses while she was at work!!!!


    Liz got a call from someone today who had her resume passed on to them. It is for a job that Liz is totally qualified for and would be fantastic doing. Liz is a *little* concerned about the 90% travel and being pregnant. Liz is NOT going to tell them this during her interview.

     Liz apparently needs a new suit. Where can she get one that looks uber professional with out spending all of her husbands money?  

  • Lauren was totally shocked to see how many replies to this post there were when she got home!  Go Novembies Yes
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Carli can NOT look at all 98 responses that the Novembies made...but here is what Carli did since 8pm last night...

    1.  Carli got up this AM with a LONG to do list

    2. Carli got ready and left the house...then Carli and her husband went to Home depot to look at tile, Best Buy to look at appliances, granite places to look at...GRANITE (duh), then Carli at Lunch, then Carli went to another appliance place, then Carli went to a home remodeling show room, then Carli went to sears to look at MORE appliances (Carli is a HUGE bargain shopper).  Finally carli Realized there was a GREAT steam Dryer at Best Buy at a GREAT price (750...they sold it to Carli and Gilbert for 700).

    3.  Carli then drove home in the rain with a brand new dryer in her car!

     4. Carli ate dinner and Carli is Now relaxing

    5.  Finally, Carli thinks third person tuesdays are SOOOOOOO fun!

  • Lore couldn't help herself! She HAD to make it 100!!!
  • image Karrey31:
    image breannek.ot:
    image Karrey31:

    image kimmyalc:
    Today Kim woke and had to actually do something.  Kim went and tutored snotty children for four hours.  Now Kim is at her mom's putting off cleaning.  Kim is finally ordering wedding pictures with her mom.  She is happy because she's know it will mean a free home cooked meal.

    Karrey is just now getting around to ordering wedding pictures also but she is so cheap that she waits for shutterfly to send her 50 free prints and prints them 50 at a time. Like she said, she's cheap. Big Smile

    Breanne does this too! 

    Karrey is glad she isn't the only one.  Maybe one day she will have all 2000 of her wedding pictures.  At the rate of 50 at a time......who knows.  She remembers, slow and steady wins the race. =)

    Carli has only LOOKED at her pictures, she and DH have not even thought about what pics to put in their album or to print out or anything like that...Carli wonders if her photographer will still make her album LOL J/k

  • Karrey has to confess that she perked up an eyebrow when Erin's first suggested the idea of Third person Tuesday but LOVES how it all turned out.  What fun!
  • image Karrey31:
    Karrey loves the picture of hudysgirl's cat. =)


    Hudysgirl thanks Karrey

  • Jammie is replying even tho it is no longer Tuesday. 

    She got the second interview, and it went great!  She is almost convinced that she got the job.  Jammie is just waiting for them to call her back today to confirm!  Yippy!!!

    Jammie is also sending Karrey "thoughts" of a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with extra Whip Cream, because you know, its the thought that counts!!  hehe

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