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How to share K's 1st B'day??

Hey girls... need some input. K is turning 1 and this will be the first b'day B has missed as well as DUH its K's first b'day.

He is having a tough time being away and I think her b'day approaching isn't helping.

Can I get some suggestions on how to share the day with him? (besides skype/video)

Re: How to share K's 1st B'day??

  • Send him a kit with her invitation, a plate, napkin, party hat, loot bag, maybe some cake?
  • OH!!! I see cake in a jar about to happen!!! HOW cute would that be??? I could send him the same kind of cake she is having and we could skype the song/candle stuff together!!

    Awe... I am SOOOOOOO gonna cry now. My poor hubby.

  • You can make a scrapbook of pictures from her b'day and send it to him, maybe send him a treat bag from her party if you are making some? Or... get a tape of him singing happy birthday to her and a little message?

    Thats all I can think of right now

  • How about a special present from daddy, like a little bracelet or necklace with a special inscription.
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  • image smailey18:
    How about a special present from daddy, like a little bracelet or necklace with a special inscription.

    Can she wear that? Can he order something from over there??? hmmm...

  • I love the cake in a jar and party pack idea. make sure you either have him on skype or video her eating her cake.  That mess is always fun to watch.  There is a board book at Barnes and Noble's called Daddy Hugs.  Its all about the different hugs that daddy's give.  A loves to read that book with her daddy and especially when he is gone.  You could give her that book from him. 

    DH and A always did sugar feet.  He would kiss all over her feet and blow raspberries on them.  I put her foot prints on a paper and wrote "Daddy's Sugar Feet" above them.  I sent that to him in his Bday package last year.  Or, you could do one with her hands that says "Daddy's Helping Hands".

    ETA:  I pack things like that in 2 gallon Ziplock bags so he can keep them safe.  Two years later, he still has it in his keepsake box under the bed.

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  • Awe TX... great ideas! Thank you! I will send him some baggies tomorrow. I just feel so bad for him. I can't change the distance ----> but I don't want him to feel left out.

    Ugh -- this is the life!

  • I like the party pack ideas and "daddy's sugar feet" idea from TX.  Im sure YH will love them.  And happy b-day to Baby K!!
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