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No Canada Day baby for me...

Just got back from my check up - He's dropped a little, but no other progress to report.  I was 'kinda' hoping for a Canada Day baby b/c that was my grandpa's birthday and we always had so much fun celebrating, and then we were gonna name him after g'pa for sure.  Now we have to finalize a name AND keep hoping this kid comes sooner rather than later. 

Rachel - I think you may have secured the spot next in line!

Re: No Canada Day baby for me...

  • ah, nothing is secure in this 'game'. like MoroccoJade said, you can be tighter than fort knox one day, and go from 0-10cm the next. I am mentally prepared to go until July 29th... thats 2 weeks after my due date - my doc would probably induce by then (I was induced with N 2 weeks after his due date). At least we are both secure in knowing it will be a July baby (I'm a July baby, so I am partial to the month).

    finalize a name still... glad we're not the only ones doing this so late. I figure we'll truly 'finalize' when the baby comes.

    I'll still hope for you to have your baby on time or early... going late was one of the biggest mindfvcks of my life (pardon the lang) - I'm much more prepared this time.

  • You never know, you might still get a Canada Day baby. I went into full-fledged labour without *any* warning.
  • I hope it happens soon Jen! I agree a Canada Day baby would be great, it's a fun holiday, and not one that's always tied up with family events (i.e christmas) so baby would be able to hang out with his friends on his birthday when he gets older. 


  • Dude, you never know. The girls are right - that baby will come when it wants!

    I was 2cm for almost 2 weeks - I was told I was "having the baby this weekend" the first time they saw that I was 2cm... I did NOT have a baby that weekend, or alllllllllllll week long. They saw me at the next appointment, I was still 2cm, and they started talking about scheduling an induction date (this was my last appointment). They said I probably wouldn't go for at least a few more days.

    I went that night, and boy did she come quickly too.

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