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some people...

so my little brother was showing me a video for the song Brothers by Dean Brody and people were commenting about how proud they were of the military and praying for all the troops and some guy wrote:

" I don't have a brother in the army or military...I do have two younger brothers...this song makes me glad I live in this? country...we don't have to go to war to live the lives we song makes me cry to too"

...see bolded.......I'm not flaming this person because I'm sure it just came out wrong but do people really think this?  

Re: some people...

  • He worded it wrong. I don't think he's "thinking" a certain way at all.

    I understand what he was saying and it wasn't an oblivious observation. He's just bad with words. 

  • Maybe we meaning civilians?  We have the choice?
    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  • More along the lines of we don't have to fight on our own soil and we aren't forced to fight. It's a privilege that we are afforded by those who do fight for us.
  • I understand just struck me as funny the way it was worded. 
  • I agree that he probably mistyped.

    My sisters boyfriend, B, and J are really close, to the point that it's almost creepy. He was the best man at our wedding and everything. We were riding in the car one day (me, sis, & B) and the song came on. I have never seen this kid emotional and he starting sobbing. We have a rule that no one listens to it now because of that.

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  • haha Lace...I did this too but with Darius Rucker's "It Wont Be Like This For Long"...I started sobbing and the girl riding in the car with me was like "um......whats wrong......." and I was just like "*sob* its just...*sob* sad....*sob*"  
  • When J was at boot his favorite song (We rode in trucks) came on and I started crying. It is the most upbeat song about partying and I frickin cried. Lol. Gotta love seperation emotions!
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