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I am annoyed

I am going on 3 day training course next week, they just emailed me the info and apparently if I want to drive I have to pay for parking nearby which is a small fortune!! I can't believe they don't provide parking - the frickin course costs enough that they SHOULD!

*sigh* bus for me I guess, at least they feed us lunch:)

Re: I am annoyed

  • Yuck.  Is it at least semi-un-important training so you can nest through it???
  • Ugh - how annoying, esp if you (or your work) is actually paying for the course!


    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • image tdown:
    Yuck.  Is it at least semi-un-important training so you can nest through it???

    I hope I will have some internet access - at least at lunch!

    It is important training though - so I'll have to pay attention!

  • I've not had a training course paid for me for years - I'd be happy to pay for parking. Maybe you could look around - let me know which area of Sydney and I might be able to help you find something close. Sydney buses are not always great.
  • yea I am glad to get this training - so I'll stop complaining:)

    no way I am paying $20 a day to park though, I'll just have dh drop me off then get the bus home (it's just in North Sydney:)

  • NS is really pricey for parking - you could try Crows Nest nearby, but it might be a hike on foot and it's probably not going to save you much cash anyway. Loads of companies have a massive freeze on hiring and training, so you're really lucky, but you're always free to vent. CV fodder is fab though!
  • yea you're right - I'm just cheap and don't want to pay $20 a day for parking lol

    I'll just have dh drop me off & maybe pick me up too

    I am SUPER excited to get this on my cv though!!!! Finally an official certificate saying I DO know how to use this software yea! :)

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