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yesterdays question

Anyone else notice how popular it was in the late 70's early 80's to give the daughter the same middle name as the mother?  Nearly everyone replied with that.  It just thought it was funny since so few people do things like that now. 


Re: yesterdays question

  • That's true!  I never realized that so many other people had that too.  My friend who just had a baby did that--her daughter shares her middle name.  But, I haven't really heard of anyone else doing that recently.  When DH found out about my friend giving her daughter her middle name, he wasn't a fan--he'd rather give a child its own unique name.

    Naming trends are always interesting to those sites where you can see the top 10 boys and girls names by decade.

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  • My mom and I share the same middle name (early 80s baby here)...weird!  Although, her current middle name is actually her maiden name.  I dropped my maiden name entirely.
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  • Didn't notice that but I was born in '83 and I have my mom's first name as my middle name too! You are so right.
  • Very true.  I never had realized this either.
  • In my case its kind of a family tradition- my aunt has my grandma's middle name and her older daughter has their middle name.  Her younger daughter has the same middle name has her paternal grandmother's name for a middle name.  Another cousin has the same middle name as her mother and both grandmothers (interesting for both grandmothers to have the same middle name).

     Since getting married I have 4 names, but professionally use my maiden name as my middle.  My mom does the same, although the initials for her middle name and maiden name are the same, so she can sign with her middle initial and it can mean either one.

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  • That's funny you mention it.  My grandmas, my moms and my name all have ann/ane as part of the first name or middle name.  My cousin also has her moms name as her middle name.
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