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Trying to Think Positive

I'm having the worst time at work lately, mostly because I am freaking out about taking maternity leave.

I hired a new receptionist to help cover since there are two of us having babies just a few weeks apart.  The first two weeks were great!  She was so enthusiastic, happy to work for us, etc.  This last week . . . well, not so much.  She is a spaz!  She slams the keyboard, gets flustered when helping clients and appears disorganized, and I'm starting to think she has a serious drinking and/or drug problem.  Yesterday she came to work reeking of Old Spice and acting odd . . . last night our deposit was short $20 cash.  I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I just hate feeling suspicious.  We are constantly having to remind her to do things correct--like placing cash actually in the locked cash drawer rather than in another drawer--but why on earth would I have to repeat that?  I'm a super stickler for making employees pay for their pet food before they take it home . . . yesterday she wanted to take a large bag of cat food and when I told her to pay for it first she was really irritated with me.  I just don't get it.  

I'm stressing out now because I have cut back to 3 day workweeks, so we really need this woman to be on top of her game now.  We don't have time to hire and train someone else and I am feeling really bad for my co-worker who has to deal with this woman while I am on maternity leave.  I'm worried about my boss because he has been stressed beyond belief lately and there isn't much I can do to help him.  We have a technician who really doesn't care about his job and is dragging everyone down, yet I don't know if we want to risk letting him go because he and his wife are known for suing people.  No joke.  3 lawsuits that I know of in the last year.

I'm just going to do what DH says and try to think positive.  I love my job and want my co-workers to be happy so I take things like this really personally.  

But on the up side, DH was super sweet yesterday and brought me a pepsi-freeze at work since the AC was out.  (They are my secret PG addiction.)  DH also bought my god-daughters plane ticket to come visit for two weeks later this month, so that made me want to do cartwheels.  He is going to take some time off work as well so we can go check out local colleges with her.  (She is hoping to live with us in 2 years when she graduates high school.)  And the car seat cover my mom ordered for me that mysteriously never got shipped when it should have been over a month ago . . . should arrive today!  YAY!  More foofy baby nonsense!  :)

Re: Trying to Think Positive

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