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Was thinking about your post in the what's for dinner thread...since you're not wanting to eat things for days on end and its difficult to cook for one...what about freezing portions when you make meals and then heating them up later? 
When my sister was away at school and when I lived alone, my mom and I would make stuff like chili, red beans and rice, chicken and dumplings and portion them into quart sized freezer bags and freeze them.  (helpful hint on freezing in bags- place on cookie sheet to make sure they are flat- easier to stack).  Then you've got 1-2 servings in a ziploc you can reheat for dinner on a night when you don't want to do any serious cooking.  I did this with spaghetti sauce too.  I would get bored with spaghetti long before I'd run out of sauce, so I'd freeze portions and make pasta as needed to go with the sauce. 
Maybe you and some other wives could do a swap- everyone makes one or two dishes, brings their own baggies and cookie sheets and everyone leaves with several days worth of dinners to reheat. 
Just a thought- I know cooking for one is no fun at all, but this is one way to cook things you like without having to throw it out or eat it for days on end. Especially if you are anything like me and only know how to cook for a crowd (I have a big family and only know how to cook this way). 
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Re: Flip-Flops

  • Great idea!!  I never thought about getting together with the other wives and make a couple dishes to share.  That's a really good idea, especially since some of us are better cooks than others.

    It seems like everytime I try to cut a recipe in half something goes wrong and it doesn't taste right.  My mom has always been really big on freezing portions for later, and I should be better about it.

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  • I'm glad you liked it!  I hope it is helpful.  It occured to me after reading your post- I guess the part about cooking for one (I was never very good at it- not sure I'm good at cooking for two, evidenced by the pile of leftovers from last night!) and triggered my memory of things my mom and I did to help with that for me and my sister.  The swap idea occured while I was typing the first part!  Thought that might help with boredom of your own recipes and some comraderie with fellow wives. 

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