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**amoro** time to get angry!


Re: **amoro** time to get angry!

  • Yup this is exactly it. It is the romantic view of life.

    However I live outside of Amsterdam. Apparently I am now smoke joints every day and parade around the red light district. Cuz that is what the Dutch do. I actually had a friend send me links to the dangers of drug use. 


    Hollywood does not equal real life.

  • P&E girls jump over EVERYTHING! I agree that they way they attacked you was ridiculous. I remember defending you in that one really long thread.

    LIke I've said to you before, I know your situation is much harder because of the language/culture differences and the fact that you can't work and such. I do think that people back home tend to lump all European experiences together. London is different than Italy, and even with in countries things are different. Modena is different than Rome and London is different than Marlow. People think because they know someone who studied for a semester in Rome, they know what your experience is like.

  • Yeah, they jump onto a lot, but that's pretty much how it is with anyone I speak to.  People think they're experts on everything because they know someone who knows someone who had a somewhat similar experience.  You don't have to always find commonality with people.  It's okay to learn from them sometimes.
  • I actually had some friends in London who were there for 3 years and I would say the last year they did literally travel every weekend. He had a ton of work in other cities, so they combined that with travel, she didn't work and he made a lot of money. I would say, prebaby, we went somewhere 2 to 3 weekends a month as well. For some people travel is a priority and they make it possible.
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