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Army Wives (rant)

Did anyone watch Army Wives this week?  I just watched it on the DVR while I ate dinner.  Hence the upcoming rant.

They sent Frank home to "deal with his wife?"  WTF??  I'm not an Army wife, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen.  The Navy would certainly not do that.

The whole "deal with your wife" thing pisses me off to no end.  I'm not defending what she did, but yes, Claudia Joy, it's a huge double standard.  While cheating military memebers are punished, IF CAUGHT, they are not branded as whores.  DH has had to take multiple sailors to Captain's Mast (basically where they are issued their punishment) for getting caught having sex on the ship, and they are restricted to the ship during port visits and their pay gets cut for awhile.  Really, this just hurts the spouse left at home because now there is less money.

I know of at least 2 officers on DH's ship that cheat on their wives, but no one says anything.  I guarantee you there are high fives all around when they hook up with a girl at a bar in a foreign port (not DH because he's not a pig).  

I'm so effing tired of hearing about "the career."  Luckily I'm married to man who realizes it's the 21st century, but I have a friend whose husband is obsessed with all the ways she's "ruining his career."  Let me tell you, the wives make the career.  I'm not trying to be all woe is me and I'm certainly not complaining about my life, but without us at home taking care of everything there would be no military.

Ugh, Army Wives.  Give me a break.

All right.  I'm done.

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Re: Army Wives (rant)

  • I did see it.  I love the show- but I am right there with you on this episode. 
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  • I absolutely agree! Not to mention a 2 star general after he's only been a 1 star for a little less than a year . . . come on!

    I've never liked this story line for Denise, I actually like Frank and am with Claudia Joy on the, "she brought this on herself" concept because Denise really did. It angers me to see, but it's true.  When it comes down to it I don't think they will get divorced because then Denise would be off the show . . . and that can't happen :-( I've read on another message board (facebook) about how they may do something to Jeremy to bring Denise and Frank back together, could happen . . .

    I also agree with you that in order to be a good sailor/soldier etc you need to have a loving and supporting family in the states behind you! Thank you for all you do Flip_Flops!!!! 


  • I watched it too.  So far I am not that impressed with this season.  I hate Denise's story line!  I am sure she and Frank will work it out.  I have loved the show since the first episode and really hope the season gets better.
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