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New Nestie recently moved to OP

I'm new to the nest and thought I would introduce myself.  My husband and I graduated from college on May 9, got married on May 16, and moved to OP on May 19.  We had a crazy couple weeks but it was so worth it.  We took a big risk moving here...neither one of us had a job...but we had each other.  We're finally getting on our feet.  My husband found at job at a  Wal-Mart working in the Deli.  It's not exactly what we thought we would be doing once we graduated but we realize it pays the rent.  

 However, I am still jobless and very lonely when he's gone.  I was wondering if any of you had a suggestion on how or where to meet new people (I've never been very good at that...it was a lot easier in college) or if any of you would be willing to gtg just to talk.  I've never done this before but I just don't know where to go to meet people or what do.  Thanks for your time.  

Re: New Nestie recently moved to OP

  • Congrats on the wedding, graduation, and moved!! And welcome to the group! Glad to have you. The girls on here are wonderful, they will help you with anything you need!

    If you're looking to meet new people I suggest you join KC Young Professionals (link in my siggy). We have a over 400 members with weekly happy hour on Tuesday nights in OP.

    I'd love to have an e-GTG with you sometime if you want! I'm in Switzerland right now but I'm home all day alone, I get bored too. Online checkers?(I know it's not the same as meeting real people but it might help pass the time.)

    Remember you got the guy you love with you. You can do anything! Good luck with everything, keep your head up!

  • Congrats on all the HUGE changes in your life recently.  And welcome to KC.  :)  I don't have any tips on meeting people as I went to college here so that's how I met all of my friends...plus, I met some new ones at work.
  • Congratson everything!  We just bought a house as well, in KC.  I don't have a lot of tips on meeting new people, since I grew up here, but I know a lot of people who have joined KC Junior League, it might be worth looking into!  I'm a teacher, so I know how you feel about being home during the day:)  Let me know if you ever want to talk, I'm sure we'll both be doing some decorating with our new homes!
  • Welcome! Wow, that's a lot of changes all in a row, but it sounds like you're getting it down!

    I actually live in Topeka, so I'm not much help on the GTG end, but you might think about volunteering somewhere? Maybe you could meet some people and fill your time!

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  • Welcome, and like everyone else said, congrats on all the exciting new things in your life!  Good luck finding a job, if you're after one.  What field are you interested in?


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