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MIL left but her scent is still here!

The IL's popped over to see the playpen we bought for Sadie. They never come over unannounced and the one time they do and I'm in a tank top, no bra and my undies sleeping on the couch! That's such a pretty sight with my huge pregnant belly. Thank GOD they take forever to get up the stairs and I had time to throw on clothes.

Well apparently they're on their way out somewhere but MIL had on so much perfume that here it is 30 minutes later and I can still smell her. I am very scent sensitive, can't wear perfume and it's giving me a sore throat and headache. I have two fans on and the door open trying to air the place out but it's seriously killing me.

This is NOT what I needed today after the craptastic start I already got (see blog).

Re: MIL left but her scent is still here!

  • Hang in there.  Can you go out for a slow walk to get out of the house this am to at least get rid of the headache and smell for a little while?
  • Going for a wallk is a very good idea. They always suggest it when you are in early labour as the gravity helps pull the baby down. Also drink some red raspberry leaf tea they suppose to make contractions stronger! But, I am sure you know all of this and you are tired of being told it all.
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  • Ugh :(  The greeks dad does the same thing to me...his parents come for a month over Christmas and split time at our house and their other son's house.  He wears SO much cologne that it actually took close to a month to get the smell to totally fade away from the bedroom they stayed in.  I couldn't walk into that room without getting a headache!
  • I may have to go for a walk. I was trying to avoid it because my feet are so swollen that I literally have to cram them in my shoes and even my super stretchy flip flops leave marks. I can't even fit in my crocs and they're the huge wide ugly ones. It's the tops of my feet that are so swollen that I can fit them in. And it's hot as hell here today and humid. I already took a shower just to cool off and soaked my feet once in a cool bath. It's so strange, they're like two hot potatoes all the time.

    We've been walking every evening, around 9 or 10, to try and get things moving along because it's the only time of day I can stand to be outside. Scooter can't even walk in this weather. He gets halfway down the street and started laying down.

    Thanks for the raspberry tea tip. I've tried it though and doesn't seem to do much for me. Nothing does. I tried so hard this morning to keep things going. I did everything they told us to try in class. I was so disappointed.

  • I too am very sensitive to smells. If you have any vinegar or rosemary (I know they are strong smelling too, but it works) set a bowl of it in the room it will 'absorb' the smell.

    I used to work next to a girl who wore something insanely strong (think overwhelming & fruity) I asked if she could tone it down, as I was getting headaches/ migraines daily; she only increased it. It was terrible.

    Hope you feel better Sarah!
  • That's a shame...hope the smell goe...and the contractions come on stronger!
  • that stinks - literally!  i am very sensitive to scents so i completely understand how horrible it is when someone leaves a trail like that.   i hope it subsides soon.

    also - just read your blog.   fingers crossed for you that things start progressing again and Sadie is with you soon!
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  • You poor thing, fingers crossed for you!
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