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Give me a kick in the pants!

Even though I am trying to fight it, I am seriously blue today. Our friends from last season that returned to the new team (and a new couple that I only know through a friend but whom I have been helping out with German things by e-mail) have arrived there and are settled in. I'm totally jealous. I HATE grass-is-greener people, and now I'm being one!

Re: Give me a kick in the pants!

  • Oh Lane, it's hard you made friends & a life there. What positives are there to being in the States? I'm sure thinking of that would help

    Lane gets to work, English is the native tounge, 24 hr stores, Falcor doesn't have to get on a plane .. I know there's more (brain fart)

    There will negatives & positives to everywhere, I hope your day gets better!

  • Hi - I'm a little lost as to why you are blue (I guess I came in in the middle of the story) - but everyone has those days - it will pass.
  • Allow yourself to mourn your old life.  It's okay and healthy.  But don't let it go on for too long.  Maybe begin to write down all the positives of your new life...and really focus on them when you are ready.
  • I am sure the German INs can quickly come up with a few reasons to cure your nostalgia :).
    If you need a couple for NL, I am here :)! Although the weather's been fantastic in the past couple of days so there goes my main reason!
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  • Focusing on the positive is good advice! I can relate: I still get emails about a weekly Paris get-together and I can't bring myself to unsubscribe... I get so nostalgic about life there... The best thing to do is remember that every place has positives and negatives and nothing is ever set in stone! You will have an awesome CA adventure for the next year(s)...and don't forget the weather and the beach!
  • Thanks ladies, I know you are right. I will start NOW being more positive. Your words are really well put ukyankee, mourning my old life is a painful feeling. But I can't dwell on it since I've been mourning an old life every year for 5 years now!
  • When do you head to CA to start settling in?  Try to focus on all of the wonderful aspects of moving there instead of thinking about Germany.
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  • I totally know what you mean about the grass is greener; I've been experiencing the same thing lately. I still get emails about events and friend gatherings, etc. In some ways, I think our lives would be better if we were still in Sydney.

    Thinking about it all makes me a bit sad for my old life but I just try to remember the fun times and experiences we had and look forward to the great times ahead of me and all the positives that come with being back here.

    From your previous posts, it sounds like you'll be heading back to Europe in the future so enjoy your time stateside for a while :) I know, easier said than done, but you can do it!
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