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Lahti FInland?

In a week we go to Lahti for 8 days, I am playing for team austria in the european lacrosse championship, go team!  I won't have a lot of time to sightsee, but any exprience with this area?  DH and baby Owen are coming too, so they might have more time to sneak away... TIA!

Re: Lahti FInland?

  • hi! i'm not sure if we have ever 'met' before, so i'll reintroduce myself...  i'm an american living with my finnish dh in texas. we lived in finland for 2 years before moving back to the states (here just over a year now). i'm excited i actually popped in and saw your post even though i don't have a whole lot of information to offer. 

    anyway, i have been to lahti, and my dh knows a lot about the area.  frankly there isn't a whole lot to do there besides absorbing the nature- there is a big lake there and i think you can take a cruise on it..and my dh says there are some ski jumps  but that's not interesting in the summer, i assume (or should i say fall... summer is practically over there).  nearby (an hour away?) there is a city called hameenlinna and there is a castle (one of the few castles in finland).  helsinki is an hour and half or so away. it doesn't sound like you havea lot of time so i don't know if you'll have time to hit those up.  if you have a full day or so you could easily go to helsinki on a train and explore the downtown.   if you think you have time for that i can give you some pointers.  
    for something more specific to lahti, my dh found this link:
    page me if you have more questions!  i'l ltry to remember to check the board more frequently. hope this helps!
  • Thanks a lot!  It kinda seemed that Lahti is not a real hot spot in the summer, but hopefully we have a LITTLE time to go around somewhere!  Thanks again for the info, maybe the castle would be a possibilty on an off day!
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