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Weight Watchers?

Dh and I plan to start the online program next week (I guess just one of us will officially join b/c I don't want to pay for us both!)  Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts/advice as to doing the flex program vs. the core program?  Counting points sounds like kind of a pain, but I think I may prefer having to do that so I can have a wider variety of food.  However, I'd love to hear from people who have done the program.

Re: Weight Watchers?

  • I did the flex plan before my wedding and that worked well for me.  I know that my mother-in-law just started with the flex plan two weeks ago and has lost 5 pounds since.  So I can say that it works-- it is easy to do because you learn pretty quickly how many points are in the foods that you eat regularly and you can add it up in your head without even thinking.  I have not done Core because too many of the foods I love to eat aren't on it!  I don't have trouble with portion size (which is important on flex) so that made it easier.  Good luck!
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  • I started flex plan about 3 years ago online.  I'd done a work meeting a few years before, but was uncomfortable dealing with food issues in front of other people (I know, for some the meetings really help, but for me I was even less comfortable).  The online program has been amazing!  I lost 40 lbs and kept it off.  Since then I've had a baby (gained 50 lbs during pregnancy) and then lost the baby weight again.  The flex plan has made so much sense for me just because it's like "food budgeting". :)  I think of it as my bank account and if I don't have enough points, then I'd better head out to exercise and earn them.  As an aside, my mom has done both programs and has really thrived on the core program.  For her I think it was the idea of being able to pretty much eat whatever within a certain category and then "spend" her extra points as she desired.  Ultimately it's what you're comfortable with.  I'd suggest trying them each out (a few weeks for one and if it's not quite for you, then try the other out).  Also, you may find one program works better for you and the other for your husband.  It's amazing how different we all are when we think of our mindsets for food.  Definitely use the WW online community to answer questions too.  Good luck!  It can be a really amazing transformation! :)
  • I've been on Flex for 4 months now and I've lost 15 pounds.  It definitely works.  I do want to try Core, I just haven't gotten to it yet.  So far, flex has worked really well, because it has taught me how much food I was actually eating.  For the 1st couple days I ate exactly what would have been "normal" for me and then counted up what the points were....WOW!  I was eating 2-3 times what is recommended for maintaining.  What an eye-opener that was.
    I would suggest that you read over the details of each plan and then start with which ever sounds easiest for you.
  • All foods are a part of the Core plan.  Not all foods are on the Core food list.  Big difference.

    Trying Flex was not an option for me as I knew I'd never stick with counting for long, so I dove head first into Core.

    As a result I found the only weight loss plan that I believe I can truly do for life.  I lost 50 lbs. in the 8 mos. before I got pg.  Core completely changed my life and they way I live with food.

    I love that it points me in the direction of healthy foods (the Core food list) but allows me fun foods too (35 weekly pts.).

    Of course it totally depends on your personality and lifestyle as to which will work best for you.  My mother and FBIL have both lost about 50 lbs. on Flex.  My mom is now struggling with having only 20 pts. but otherwise she likes the program.

    The good thing is that if you try one and end up not liking it, all you do is switch to the other.  No biggie.  I do suggest if you try Core you give it a good 2-3 weeks.  It has more of a learning curve to it.  The Core board on the WW site is PRICELESS in the info. and support on there.  You'll get tons of great recipes, etc. on there too.

    Good luck!

  • I was hesitant to join WW for a while (my Mom was doing it). I didn't want to spend the $$ either - but I finally joined and I am so glad I did. Personally I find the meetings extremely helpful. I don't know if I would have had as much success by just doing it online. Some leaders are better than others - so you have to shop around for someone you click with. My point is - I think the meetings are 100% worth the $$ for both you and your husband. I do flex plan now. I may eventually want to try core, but I like to eat a variety of things that wouldn't be on the core plan. It is annoying at first to get used to counting points - you don't know what anything is worth. But you get used to it relatively quickly. You can cook off of websites like and others that offer the nutritional information and that way you can calculate the points easily. It helps that both you and your husband are doing it together! Good luck!


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  • I'm on flex - down 11 lb in 8 weeks. Counting points is actually not as bad as it seems. And it really helps you judge portion sizes going forward - so I've found it really helpful (for the record - I'm not counting points as strictly now as I did in the beginning since I'm pretty aware of what I'm eating and how many points it is).

    Nice thing about core though is - if you really don't eat very healthy, it will get you on track. I guess you just have to figure out where your problems are - for me, just writing down my points and keeping track of what I'm eating is what helps me lose weight.

    Good luck!

  • I was on flex since early June, and have recently switched to core. I liked the flex plan and I lost weight on it, but wanted to be inspired to eat better foods. With flex I was eating a lot of processed foods and snacks, not real meals.

    Also, I have been doing the shred for a month off and on, and have started developing muscle I didn't know I even had!
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