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Should I give him another try?

So the guy who stood me up for the baseball game wants to take me to dinner to make it up to me. His excuse was his mother had a stroke. I dont want to lable him a liar but I dont really beleive him. Should I give him another chance?

Re: Should I give him another try?

  • Depends, is he rich :-)

    Seriously tho, if you think he is lying than no. If you think he is being honest, yes. That would be a pretty big bad lie from a karma standpoint.
  • What makes you think he is being untruthful about his mother? 
  • If you don't believe him, then don't bother.
  • I'm also curious why you don't believe him. Has he given you reason to doubt him?
  • I'd say to give him a shot.

  • I dont believe him because it took him a week n a half to call me and when I asked why he didn't show he goes "aaaaaaaaa MY MOM HAD A STROKE!"
  • trust your gut. If you really think he lied to you then don't do it.
    On the other hand, would you tell a first date your mom had a stroke just to get out of it. That is a pretty scary lie. I'd have to think that if he did, he wouldn't have called you again.
  • eh, if you don't believe him then do him the favor and not go. I don't mean that to sound harsh at all, but it seems unlikely to lie about your mother having a stroke. So if he's someone you don't feel comfortable trusting and believing in then just do him the favor and don't bother.

    I guess I'm too trusting, because I would believe something like that in a heart beat and realize that with something serious like that a new girl would be the last thing on his mind.
  • If your mother had a stroke, you would not only forget to call that day and say you weren't able to make it, but you'd forget for a whole week to call and apologize for standing the person up? I don't buy it.
  • No, I most likely would not blow off calling someone, but... if it was a serious life-threatening stroke/issue and I was concerned that my life was completely changing for the worse a new relationship would be the last thing on my mind. I wouldn't feel comfortable calling someone I hardly knew and explaining everything to him in such an emotional state. 
  • I understand if his mom was really sick but If u would have heard the way he said it like he was stallin to come up wit something and plus he keeps mentioning my breasts. I really hope he just doesn't think he's taking me out n gettin some.
  • Keeps mentioning your breasts?! Oh hell no. No date for him, even without the issue of him standing you up for the last one.
  • Ok, then hell no. He's a creep. I didn't realize he was stalling. I interpreted the "aaaaaa" from above as a sigh, not a stall. If you get that impression from him though then definitely trust yourself. Talking about your breasts? What a freaking whackjob. Definitely move on.
  • i completly understand where Dizze is coming from but  I think because I want to get out n start dating again that I am very undecisive and i maybe be making the wrong decision if I go or dont go so I asked.

  • I wouldn't go out with him or ever answer the phone if he calls again. Red flags prior to a first date? Nah. Too many dudes in the world for that.
  • Ebeejoy, go away and quit lying and wasting people's time!  Guys check out her post in relationships about a guy in another state who is her baby's daddy and won't move out to be with her.  Everything she's saying is MUD.
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